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  1. Well even if not eloquently written DieHipster has a point. The McCarren Park field is not so kid friendly anymore. No matter when I go there its crawling with adukts in their 30s playing like kids.
    Greenpointer also is not reflective of Greenpoints culture. It constantly neglects every other culture and supports gentrification. I’ve seen post criticizing the greenpoint that was here before all the “hip” eateries came and highrises that no one but trust fund babies can afford.
    A backlash against gentrification is not the same as discrimination. Not once do I recall Greenpoint calling out how this subculture of hipsters discrimintes against the populations that have been here for generations. Its okay when hipsters say thinfs like “you drunk P*lack” but term hister becomes offensive. How about a balanced blog that doesnt victimize the hipster population when its the other way, people living here for a long time have been victimized by hipsters even in covert as opposed to overt ways.

  2. Thanks for your comment and criticism, Nick.

    This blog is open to ALL contributors, whether it is a person of Polish decent, someone who grew up here, or an individual who just moved here. I encourage writers from all walks of life to have a voice here in order to diversify this website so it is not from just one perspective and it reflects Greenpoint in it’s entirety.

    I am a 31 year old woman who grew up in Queens. I moved to Greenpoint because I love the art and food and people (most importantly) here, plus all the fun things to do here. Those are the kinds of things I like to cover in my writing. Much of my “voice” is conveyed through my photography, too – which you can see on our Instagram feed and I believe captures a lot of the culture you think is missing on this blog.

    I can’t write from any other perspective than my own, which is why I often ask “original” Greenpointers to contribute and am still waiting for someone to step up. In the meantime, many talented and intelligent people, who didn’t grow up here, but love Greenpoint write for this website. I have never experienced and would never tolerate any offensive language or behavior towards “people living here for a long time” nor would I accept derogatory language toward Polish people or any other nationality on this website.

    That being said, I don’t have a trust fund, nor do I know anyone who does. I do love the “hip” eateries because they are delicious. And I can afford them because I bust my ass every day to earn a living. I can’t afford an apartment in a high-rise nor would I ever want to live in one because I think they are aesthetically un-Brooklyn. I like stoops.

    If you feel like you have an interesting perspective to write from, then I invite you to write for Greenpointers.

  3. Jen, I applaud your response. Also I would like to add that Jen is one of the nicest people I’ve met, and Greenpointers is one of the most inclusive blog out there, and the allegations above are absurd. Also I would like to stress that it’s very easy to simply adopt an opinion spread by the websites like Die Hipster (which is the worst dumpster of internet hatred I know), but I would like to encourage every single person to think for themselves, and ask themselves whenever they feel like they want to hate “hipsters” or any other group of people based on mere impression: What are you basing your hatred on? Facts? Or someone else’s opinion you read online? What do you know about the person that you trust their opinions? Do you personally know anyone who has a trust fund and live in Greenpoint? Do you know for sure that McCarren Park is not children friendly? Do you prefer people not using the park because running or playing softball is “stupid”?
    You can go on like this forever and play this game “Thinking for yourself.” I assure you there is nothing that is more fun that that.

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