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Bill Murray, Healthcare, Governors Island Mall?, DIY Networking, Rooftop Camping: The Hook-Up – 7/28

Summer Sunset at Bushwick Inlet

• Yes way! Bill Murray was at Briskettown! (Free Williamsburg)

• All you need to know about Low Cost Healthcare For Freelancers & Artists (Bushwick Daily)

•  Rezoning is paving the way for retail on Governors Island (Curbed NY)

• Brooklyn Based pays a visit to Greenpoint’s The Perfect Nothing Catalog 

• It isn’t just graphs and maps, understanding urban existence requires observation of social behavior (GOOD)

• Great advice on throwing an awesome DIY Networking Party (Brooklyn Based)

• New Brooklyn Commmunity Talk Show Broadcasting From McCarren Park: Bittersweet (Greenpoint Gazette)

• If this isn’t DieHipster fodder, I don’t know what is! Camp in rooftop tents in Williamsburg (Brooklyn Paper)

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Berry Hill, Edible Plants, Silent Drape Runners Mix, Alligators, Bike Patrol, Art Show at Pumps – The Hook-Up (6/29)

Map Lauren Carol Smith on Bedford & Bowery

• In what Bedford & Bowery call “Berry Hill” North Brooklynites clad in polos and khakis are giving the area a Manhattan feel.

• Locavores, foragers and jammers take heed, there is a map of all urban plants that are edible! (Via Animal)

• Nationally, it’s getting better to get gay married, now we need to get the rest of the 37 homophone states on board. (NY Times)

Alligator parts found in Williamsburg (FreeWilliamsburg)

• Bushwick Daily reports on an art show at Pumps – our local titty bar.

• Watch out Citibike users… more tickets for cyclists in Brooklyn (Gothamist)

• As they bid farewell, Silent Drape Runners releases a digital mix tape (Brooklyn Based)

Brooklyn Bike Patrol will be back and needs volunteers! (Brokelyn)

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Art Rundown, “Artisanal” Subway Newstand, Citibike in Greenpoint, Happy Greenpoint: The Hook-up (6/22)

All you need to know about art in (mostly North) Brooklyn according to The L Mag

The hipster “invasion” has gone under ground with an artisanal newstand in the subway (Gothamist)

• Since the G won’t be running a bunch of weekends during the summer, MTA may fork over the dough for Citibike in Greenpoint (Daily News)

• Art about why you don’t make art (Hyperallergic)

Bushwick Restaurant Week Picks by Brooklyn Based – Thru Today (6/22)

• Obviously Greenpoint rates the happiest in this NYC Mood Chart (the Atlantic Cities)

Amazon may be moving to Kent Ave (Gawker)

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BUG OUT!, Budin, Sleeping Giant, Grumpy Times Square: The Hook-Up (6/1)

From The Wooden House Project

• On Greenpoint’s art scene, Calico Brooklyn’s Scott Chasse comments: “Greenpoint’s art scene is a sleeping giant,” in an article about the gallery in Art File Magazine.

• BUG OUT! Become a Brooklyn Urban Gardener (get it?) at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Cafe Grumpy opening in Time’s Square? Yes. (Brokelyn)

BK Flea shut down last week, “because the edge is a poorly constructed piece of garbage.” (Free Williamsburg)

• We are in the siding capital of the world, but if you so have a Brownstone, find out if it’s a wood frame.

Another cafe is coming to Greenpoint in the fall, and you can also buy a Nordic sweater there. (Village Voice)

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1/2 Brooklyn’s Stylish Women Greenpointers, Liquor Curfew, Go Monsanto!, Rockaways Dome, Domino Video, Gay Marriage: The Hook-Up (3/30)

• Don’t worry the Sunday Night Liquor Curfew is not happening in Greenpoint! (Bushwick Daily)
• But Silent Barn got a liquor license (Brokelyn)!
• MoMA PS1 has installed a temporary geodesic dome in the Rockaways to serve as a center for culture, education, and community.
My Free Concert & Brooklyn Vegan are psyched about Brain Cave Festival – so are we!!!
• Girls is missing out on some sweet spots in Greenpoint (Brooklyn Magazine)
Go Monsanto! “Congress passed a bill last week that included a provision which “protects genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks.” (GOOD)

Amber Chambers

• Half of Brooklyn’s most styish women live in Greenpoint (Brooklyn Exposed)
Stop-Motion video of Domino Sugar Factory stars a package of Domino sugar (Animal NY)
Vinnie’s Pay tribute to Game Of Thrones (FreeWilliamsburg)
Gay marriage as measure on Facebook “when this movement goes down in the history books, it won’t just include photos of Harvey Milk, but screengrabs of fuzzy viral jpeg artifacts, too.” (Fast Company)

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Rats!, Kitchen Tips, Cheap Vendor Space, Compost Pick-Up, Bus Service, Brooklyn Brewery In Sweden: The Hook-Up 1/5

©2012 Jen Galatioto

• #Not In Greenpoint (Thank God!), Bushwick Leads The Rat Race, in real rats! (NY Mag)

• Our upcoming (and sold out) Sunday Supper on Grub St

Pay What You Wish Vendor Space Across From Domino (Brokelyn)

• Too lazy to drop your compost off at McCarren Park? Vokashi Can Pick It Up for $40/mo (Brooklyn Based)

• Does Your Kitchen Need Help? 15 Tips For A Tidy Kitchen (theKitchn)

• Do You Bus It? New Routes & Restored Line (Brooklyn Paper)

• Brooklyn Brewery … Wait For It: In Sweden! (Gothamist)

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Lost Street of Greenpoint; Paulie Gee Baltimore, Red Hook Relief Cook Book, Last Minute Gifts: The Hook-Up 12/22

Rusted Rainbow © Brooklyn Imbecile

Hooking you up with some links you might find interesting and useful:

• E Cook Book For Red Hook Relief (Brokelyn)

New Paulie G Joint in Baltimore (Serious Eats)

Last Minute Brooklyn Gifts (Brooklyn Based)

Residents Say No To Big Chains For New Mall in Bushwick (DNA Info)

Map of the Villages of Brooklyn 1827 (Brooklyn Historical Society)

Lost Streets Of Greenpoint (Forgotten NY)

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Pregnant Woman Held Up at McCarren, Brewery Coming, Ospreys, Domino Sold, Hipster Hating, Hipster Coloring Book, Green Design Competition: The Hook-Up 10/20

• Pretty scary: Pregnant Mom Mugged At Gunpoint While Pushing Stroller In McCarren Park (Gothamist)

• A Brewery / Restaurant is coming to the Greenpoint Waterfront from our friends at Brouwerij Lane (DNA Info)

• Would it be cool to have osprey platform’s on the East River? Jamaica Bay has Ospreys  (Queens NYC)

Domino Sugar Sold, Affordable Housing in Question (Gothamist)

• Marketing Stunt By Hipster Haters Doesn’t Result in Hipster Beating (Brokelyn)

Hipster Coloring Book – Really (Brooklyn Paper)

Backwords Video from Greenpointers CMJ Showcase  (Free Williamsburg)

• Golly We Need a Greener City; Green City Design Competition (Good)

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M.Wells at PS1; Greenpointers on DieHipster – Again; Jamaica Bay Oil Spill; Graffiti Genome; New Bush/WB Restaurants: The Hook-Up 9/30

Tattoo Duke Riley East River Tattoo
Tattoo by Duke Riley - East River Tattoo

• Hyperallergic: See GO Brooklyn’s Top 10 Artist Nominees

• Edible Communities: A Sneak Peek at M. Wells Dinette | World’s Fare

• Die Hipster: Glow Necklace Kidult Kickball! Like Yah!!!

• A Walk in the Park: Oil Released Into Jamaica Bay

• Animal NY: “Feral Diagram 2.0″ Maps the Graffiti Genome”

• Bushwick Daily: 11 Bars/Restaurants that Opened in Bushwick Within Past Six Months

• Free Williamsburg: Italian Restaurant Fabricca Has Soft Opening in Williamsburg

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The Hook-Up 8/18

Sistine Floor © Brooklyn Imbecile

• Brooklyn Imbecile: Sistine Floor

• Daily News: NYPD big sued for raiding B’klyn pub & dumping its booze

• Eater NY: Tom Mylan on the Hellish Opening of The Meat Hook

• DNA Info: City Attempts to Develop Long-Stalled Greenpoint Park

• Queens NYC: Look for the floating beer garden in LIC, Summer 2013

• New York Shitty: Day Starter: 400 McGuinness Is Open For Business

• BK Magazine: Portraits of the Real McCarren Park Pool

• Animal: Who’s got the best doughnuts in New York?

• Brooklyn Paper: Flea off the market! Home of W’burg bazaar sold for $18 million

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