Google Reader Will Not Be Available After July 1, 2013: NOT Okay

Were you as perplexed and disappointed as I was to get this notification that Google Reader is closing down shop in July? Usage has declined, according to Google. Still I bet ALOT of people still use it. In fact, loyal users started a Keep Google Reader campaign, a petition that over 40,000 people have signed it.

The petition allows for commentary on why the product shouldn’t retire. Aside from “I love google reader,” others expressed worry of other google products being taken away. For example, what if after reducing unread messages from 15,000 to 35 (Thanks Tony!) they decide to end gmail?

Google, instead of cutting our beloved google reader, a useful tool for organizing the infinite cluster fuck that the internet is – why not get rid of Google Plus instead, which is a boring cluster fuck of a social network?

Unless this petition works, we must find an alternative. Here are Life Hacker’s 5 Best Google Reader Alternatives. I am going to try The Old Reader, which seems super simple and allows me to easily import my Google reader feed. Fingers crossed.

What reader will you use come July? Let us know in the comments section.

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M.Wells at PS1; Greenpointers on DieHipster – Again; Jamaica Bay Oil Spill; Graffiti Genome; New Bush/WB Restaurants: The Hook-Up 9/30

Tattoo Duke Riley East River Tattoo
Tattoo by Duke Riley - East River Tattoo

• Hyperallergic: See GO Brooklyn’s Top 10 Artist Nominees

• Edible Communities: A Sneak Peek at M. Wells Dinette | World’s Fare

• Die Hipster: Glow Necklace Kidult Kickball! Like Yah!!!

• A Walk in the Park: Oil Released Into Jamaica Bay

• Animal NY: “Feral Diagram 2.0″ Maps the Graffiti Genome”

• Bushwick Daily: 11 Bars/Restaurants that Opened in Bushwick Within Past Six Months

• Free Williamsburg: Italian Restaurant Fabricca Has Soft Opening in Williamsburg

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And I Thought We Were Neighbors! Ethel’s Brew is a PR Scam

The email started out like this:

“Hi Justine,

I am writing to you today to introduce you to Ethel’s Brew (ethelsbrew.com), created by my 80-year-old grandmother – the eponymous Ethel – who is a Williamsburg native and is launching a beer brand that had its inception in our basement…”

I clicked on the press link, and it took me to a page that listed a Kingsland Ave address – which is in Greenpoint and right down the block from Greenpointers HQ. The website was over the top with Peggy Bundy cheetah patterns, Queens-style hot pink nails, crazy Grandma bling and an overly styled old bag drinking beer alongside her “Ethelisms” funny quotations like: “Old friends are like old boobs, even if we’re far away, we’re still connected.” Too good to be true? Yes. Continue reading

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The Hook-Up 6/23

Rebecca Jackson

• Rebecca Jackson of I Love Greenpoint writes for Forbes: Five Things I’ve Learned Since Leaving Wall St. for Startups

Greenpoint Gazette: McGolrick Park Schools Alliance Art Show

eSpresso Book Machine


eSPRESSO BOOK MACHINE® comes to Brooklyn Public Library

The Fixer Collective

NYCGO: Must See Greenpoint

Photo: Matthew Leifheit


• The L Magazine: The Brooklyn Food Power Ranking

Brooklyn Vegan: Sleigh Bells, The Kills and more are playing free shows in Hudson River Park; new Fleetwood Mac tribute LP on the way

Brokelyn: Miss Brooklyn loses weight, wins Miss New York

NY Times: Mitch Waxman, Tour Guide to Decay

NYMag: Seams Iffy

ArtInfo: Nail Art

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The Hook-Up: 5/19

I hope you’re not reading this and out in the great weather!

• Brooklyn Based: Outdoor Bars We Love
Nail Art & Food: Yes We’re Serious
Where to Find Pick-Your-Own Fruit and Vegetable Farms
Tenant Notification of Indoor Air Contamination Associated With Soil Vapor Intrusion
Brooklyn Based: Help Wanted & Found in Brooklyn’s Tech Scene
Command C: Case Study: Greenpointers.com
Biking Rules! Street Code
Brooklyn Bike Patrol spreads across the borough offering safe walks home from the subway
Brooklyn Vegan: Summer Thunder at Union Pool kicks off on May 26th
The L Magazine: Ovenly Opens Retail Shop in Greenpoint
TheRumpus.net Pablo Airaldi
Gothamist: Beastie Boys Photographer Dusts Off Decades-Old Photos For NYC Art Show
Brooklyn Paper: Jimmy Kimmel says Brooklyn isn’t a punch line — chew on that, Portland!
NYMag: What do you subscribe to?
Huffington Post: DIY Organic Food Recipe for Your Dog
Village Voice: The Future Of Silent Barn: The Public Shows Up To The Venue’s Second Public Meeting
Brianna Campbell: Did Facebook Write the Book on Social Media?
Gizmodo: How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

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