Recipe: Braised Cabbage with Turkey

When the Sunday Farmers Market at McGolrick Park was proposed there was worry that it might compete with the Saturday McCarren Park Greenmarket. (Don’t we live in the USA?) I don’t know about you, but I hit up both every weekend and my weekly pie habit is becoming a problem.

We have a tendency to get the same old greens, like kale every week. But when I saw a beautiful napa cabbage, I asked Sam, who is the farmer from Great Road Farm if he had any recipes ideas.  He likes to simply sautee it with chopped meat. That sounded great, especially since we always pick up turkey meat from the McCarren Greenmarket. (Jon makes killer turkey burgers.)

See – the markets can all just get along!

I haven’t actually made this because Jon has been ruling at this recipe. From what I have observed, you can really play around with this dish. It’s fast and easy, just the way we like it. I can honestly say it’s awesome!

Braised Cabbage with Turkey

Sautee chopped garlic and onions or shallots with hot pepper flakes and cumin. (Not sure if you are aware that cumin and ground turkey are in love.) If you have tomatoes, chop them up and throw them in. Fresh peppers would be great, too. Then brown chopped turkey meat. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Chopped pork or beef would also be fantastic.

Once browned add chopped napa cabbage on top and put on the lid so it steams in the delicious meat juice. A little soy sauce tops it off nicely. Over some rice, this is a complete, quick and delicious meal.

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  1. Gloria says:

    Hope it’s OK that I ‘pinned’ this recipe, Jen! It looks delicious. If you don’t want it on Pinterest, just email me and I will remove. Thanks.
    –I’m the Gloria who made my Ciabatta Bread for one of your raffle gifts. 😉

    • Jen G says:

      How can I forget you and you bread! I am honored that you pinned it! Thanks a lot and I hope you are great!


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