goodyoga’s Indiegogo campaign ends tomorrow. Please donate and support your local community.

Watch the video and donate. Every dollar helps. Sharing the campaign with others makes your donation even more valuable.

Thinking about all the problems in the world makes me feel completely helpless. I used to ask myself, what can I do, as one small (literally short) person, to have any effect on the world? I was left feeling empty and useless.

Then I had a conversation with one small business owner, Anthony, of the since moved Una Pizza Napoletana in the East Village, and he changed my outlook. By making responsible choices in our immediate world, by helping just one person, by being good neighbors, we can all have a positive impact on our community. If I recall correctly, we were on the topic of cheese, but even that decision has a chain reaction that impacts the world. Michael Pollan said it best: “change the world one fork at a time.”


My hope is that Greenpointers can be the online voice for all the individuals and organizations in the neighborhood who are working hard every day to have a positive impact on Greenpoint. It is working… one project at a time.

I absolutely love community fundraising. Send me any Indigogo or Kickstarter campaign and I empty my pockets. The perks are always so irresistible! Just last week I got a basket full of pies and some badass fake tattoos to help children in Kenya!

Pie Corps had only 24 hours to make $3000 and it was a raise-it-all-or-get-nothing campaign. Our readers wanted it and now Pie Corps will open up nearby!

Temporary Tattoo Project needed to sell 50 tattoos in order to raise money for Flying Kites. Our readers wanted it and over 130 tattoos were bought!

This brings me to goodyoga, whose Indigogo fundraising campaign deadline is tomorrow! By donating to their fund and helping spread the word, we aren’t just supporting an amazing local business, we are making Greenpoint better because goodyoga does so much for the community.

Every single time I have asked goodyoga for something, a raffle prize, use of their space, support for the art and food community in Greenpoint, or to help me cure my insomnia, they have delivered.

They aren’t just churning out yoga classes, they are building a support group, a family for people in the area who need a place for wellness and peace. If there is one thing we all need as crazy Greenpointers, who wait for G train or suicidally ride our bikes down Manhattan Ave, it is peace god damn it! Om to that!

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By supporting goodyoga, an organization that cares about the community, we are making the decision about what kind of businesses we want serving Greenpoint.

goodyoga wants to buy the building over on Calyer St. or they might have to move out. Who do I want to own property in Greenpoint? Flannery and Ray, generous people who give me big hugs on Franklin St? Or developers who will make the Brooklyn skyline look like Miami and the neighborhood even less affordable?

As one person, your vision of what you want Greenpoint to be can be realized if you participate in the decision-making process. goodyoga is a good egg.

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