Goodyoga Relocating 500 Feet to New Greenpoint Studio

Goodyoga in Greenpoint (image courtesy of Goodyoga)

Goodyoga announced that it will be closed Friday night and are going to reopen Saturday at their new space at 37 Greenpoint Ave #106, a mere 500 feet away from their former studio. Read the statement from Goodyoga founder Flannery Foster:

In the 9.5 years since Goodyoga was incubated in the weird, wondrous ware/guesthouse on Calyer, the only constant has been change, and always for the better, even…especially…when the weather is at it’s worst.

Like September, for example, when “THE Perfect” space fell through. We thought we’d have to cancel the Mysore Ashtanga Program after 8 years.

Just before I pressed send on the announcement, an email about our new Williamsburg location appeared in my inbox. We moved in the next day.

Now Mysore is more popular than ever, we have a permanent home for our Teacher Training and a big beautiful Goodburg, convenient to both of our established neighborhoods. It even has a garden!

With so many of our Members already enjoying the convenience of our new flagship location at the Metropolitan G / Lorimer L train, we’ve decided to relocate Goodpoint to a space that better serves our changing needs.

Bushwick and Williamsburg classes will carry on while Greenpoint classes are cancelled on Thursday and Friday.

Goodpoint will reopen at 37 Greenpoint Avenue, #106: 500 feet closer to our new Backyard, Transmitter Park.

Our new ground floor space in The Pencil Factory has warm wood floors, beams, columns and brick, waiting to welcome you on Saturday morning after she gets a fresh coat of paint.

Sorry for the short notice, but you know how NYC real estate is, amiright?

We’ll update our online info ASAP and keep you posted via Instagram, the website and our own Goodyoga App.

I can’t wait to get out of the office and back into the studios with all of you as soon as we’ve settled in.

I’ll be teaching Goodmind, an hour of meditation instruction and practice every Saturday at Noon at Goodburg for the forseeable future.

I will not be teaching Asana, except in the context of Teacher Trainings.

Rest assured, I will be using that time and energy to serve you in other ways.

Thanks in advance for your patience while we warm our new home over the next month or so.

Be Well,

Flannery Foster @flanneryfoster


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It’s Outdoor Yoga Weather!

Summer’s here! Summer’s here! It’s picnics in the park, (possible) ferry rides to the beach, and group yoga classes outside time! Unlike the massive outdoor free classes that happen in other parks around the city—I call b.s. when someone says they enjoy doing yoga with about 100 other people—the outdoor classes that happen in North Brooklyn tend to not get too crowded, and you might know an instructor or two. Some of these offerings are free and some aren’t, but it’s really a treat to get your om on outside. Continue reading

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Goodyoga Flips Teacher Payment Structure On Its Head

Goodyoga's Greenpoint Avenue Studio
Goodyoga’s Greenpoint Avenue Studio

If you’ve been to Goodyoga, you know they’re doing something right. Their app makes class sign-up easy, their down-to-earth teachers blend alignment with humor, and their prices beat everywhere else. What you may not know is that Goodyoga is promoting physical and emotional health for instructors by changing their business model.

As of the first of the year, they’re offering full-time employment with benefits to their yoga teachers. This may signal a new direction for the yoga industry, with concerned teachers and studio owners who see the current industry standard of employing teachers as Independent Contractors as broken. Meanwhile, more than one yoga studio has been audited by the Department of Labor over the practice. Continue reading

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Greenpoint Power Couples – Flannery & Ray, goodyoga

Flannery Foster & Ray Gonzales, goodyoga

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we are featuring two power couple in our series. First up – Flannery Foster and Ray Gonzales of goodyoga, an excellent place to flex some yoga muscle on Greenpoint Avenue. Continue reading

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Good Yoga: Gift Guide (DISCOUNT!)

Greenpoint has nurtured goodyoga for almost 5 years. We’re showing our appreciation this season by offering 10% off the following online gifts…for yourself or your loved ones! Just use the code GGG12/13 when you check out anytime before 12/31/13, in case you forget someone…

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“Keep It In The Family” – goodyoga Offers Franchise Opportunities

“I want everyone in the world to do yoga!” goodyoga owner Flannery Foster said as we enjoyed cupcakes at Ovenly along with her partner and goodyoga co-owner Ray Gonzales. With plans to franchise you may see more goodyoga studios opening up locally, and perhaps nationally and maybe even internationally if Flannery has her way. Continue reading

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Support Good Yoga: Support Your Community

goodyoga’s Indiegogo campaign ends tomorrow. Please donate and support your local community.

Watch the video and donate. Every dollar helps. Sharing the campaign with others makes your donation even more valuable.

Thinking about all the problems in the world makes me feel completely helpless. I used to ask myself, what can I do, as one small (literally short) person, to have any effect on the world? I was left feeling empty and useless.

Then I had a conversation with one small business owner, Anthony, of the since moved Una Pizza Napoletana in the East Village, and he changed my outlook. By making responsible choices in our immediate world, by helping just one person, by being good neighbors, we can all have a positive impact on our community. If I recall correctly, we were on the topic of cheese, but even that decision has a chain reaction that impacts the world. Michael Pollan said it best: “change the world one fork at a time.”

My hope is that Greenpointers can be the online voice for all the individuals and organizations in the neighborhood who are working hard every day to have a positive impact on Greenpoint. It is working… one project at a time.

I absolutely love community fundraising. Send me any Indigogo or Kickstarter campaign and I empty my pockets. The perks are always so irresistible! Just last week I got a basket full of pies and some badass fake tattoos to help children in Kenya!

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Is there anything more annoying than waking up in the middle of the night, eyes wide open, unable to get a wink in? After weeks of this terrible pattern, awake at night and zombie during the day, I had to do something!

I am totally scared of sleeping pills, mostly the sleepwalking – and the suicidal thoughts, so I headed on over to goodyoga. After my fitness challenge at [email protected], they offered me a 1 month Yoga challenge, to attend at least 3 classes per week. I turned it down at first because of the time commitment, but after endless sleepless nights I realized I needed it.

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goodyoga: 2 for 1 Memberships

Yeah, yeah. You’ve been wanting to try Yoga the last five years, but you don’t want to do it alone. Problem solved. Get a friend and join goodyoga for August! Enjoy unlimited yoga for just $50 per person (regularly $100) for a whole month to celebrate goodyoga’s 2nd anniversary.

To celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary, we’re offering 2 Monthly Memberships for the price of 1! Sign up with a friend for your first goodyogi or goodashtangi membership before August.

73 Calyer Street
[email protected]

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