Eat Pie & Do Yoga: Support Local Businesses

I love community supported fundraising platforms. If you can reach a lot of people, then even donations as little as $5 can really help. Not only are you helping a small business open up in your area, but you have a chance to chose what you want to open up. I love pie and yoga!
Pie Corps makes delicious savory and sweet pies. They sell at Farmer’s Markets and wholesale, but there dream is to open up a retail location with a big shiny new oven and you can help them do it! And do you know what you get if you donate? Pies! This is a no-brainer, people!
Right now they have like 14 hours to raise $3000, and if they don’t raise all the funds, they get zero, nada, zilch. I just donated $25, and am going to get a basket of pie, plus a tote plus an invitation to their opening party! I love parties as much as I love pie!
Click here to read more and donate.

Even nearer and dearer to our hearts is the fundraising campaign for goodyoga. They are trying to buy the building and need your help, otherwise they have to move. That would be a shame because that is such an awesome space and I couldn’t imagine not doing rooftop yoga in the summer. You can learn more and donate here (they have 15 days to raise $20,000!) or buy a ticket to the goodgala on April 27th with food, DJs and prizes. I just bought mine and it looks like a lot of fun!

Support local businesses!

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