Williamsburg Mainstay Bedford Cheese Shop Is Now Closed

Bedford Cheese Shop closed its Williamsburg location on Sunday. (Image via Bedford Cheese Shop)

A North Williamsburg mainstay of 17 years, independently-owned Bedford Cheese Shop (265 Bedford Ave.) is now closed following the final day of business last Sunday.

The cheese shops’ Manhattan location, which opened in 2012 at 67 Irving Place remains open, leaving behind a storefront on the local avenue for which the business is named.

Relocating in 2016 from the original location on the corner of N 4. Street and Bedford Avenue, the 265 Bedford Ave. shop continued in the same spirit as the first location with an outstanding selection of cheeses and instructional classes, along with the addition of a wine bar.

The popular kitchenware store Whisk formerly located at 231 Bedford Ave. closed in 2019 following a 44% rent hike, among many other notable closings last year, including Rosemary’s Greenpoint Tavern (188 Bedford Ave.) which closed after more than 60 years. Continue reading

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Greenpoint is Grieving Over The Habitat’s Closing

Our sanctuary in the storm, our pretend ski lodge, our light in the dark is being snuffed out  image: Habitat/Instagram

The news came in June and some of us are still reeling from it. After nine-and-a-half years at 988 Manhattan Avenue, The Habitat will be closing its doors forever on Saturday, September 16th. The owners tried to negotiate a new lease with reasonable market rates, but they couldn’t come to an agreement with the landlords. Ever since I first stepped foot inside during an epic 2008 pub crawl, Habitat has always held a special place in my heart. The trivia night involving real buzzers and graphics, art shows including one involving my first true love (ice cream), afternoon happy hour, their always fantastic tap list, and of course, the food. Delicious, unpretentious, and affordable, as good bar food should be. To me, Habitat and Mark Bar (RIP) balanced each other out on what was the quieter side of Manhattan Avenue. Alas, all good things must come to an end. Continue reading

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WENDY’S BAR GUTTED – New hipster spot coming?

Wendy's Bar - 123 Greenpoint Ave - Closed

Walking down Greenpoint Ave. I noted that Wendy’s Bar (123 Greenpoint Ave) was being gutted, all its contents into a dumpster. I couldn’t get any information on what was going on or what will open up there next. This thread on Chowhound from October 2013 laments its closing and discusses impending “homogeny” in the area as other Polish joints close.  Continue reading

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Quickie: Coco66 Closed… Again.

Coco66 has been closed again. This time due to legal matters pertaining to an expired liquor license that has since been renewed but they’re still shuttered. The same bureaucratic nonsense shuttered Mark Bar for a week and a half this month. Rumor mill is churning that Coco66 might not be back though…

Update 7/14/11: From a commenter:
Owner was arrested for selling alcohol with an expired license. His current application was rejected by the state liquor authority so there is no new license coming. Expired liense was only valid for the 68 side so the bar on the venue side was illegal. The entire inventory of the bar was destroyed at command of the SLA and local precinct. He has so flagrantly violated the laws for so long that he is red flagged by all city agencies. He was apparently so high when arrested that the cops were making fun of his incoherent rambling.

After checking the SLA website, it appears this is correct – the liquor license expired on 6/30 and was renewed on 7/11 but the license is for 68 Greenpoint Avenue – Coco 68 is a restaurant – and NOT 66 – which is where the bar is located…

66 Greenpoint Avenue

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Tres Toros Taqueria

Update 7/21/11: The space has opened under the name El Toro Taqueria.

Got a tip from reader Caius about a possible new restaurant opening up on Driggs & McGuinness:

Tres Toros Taqueria submitted by reader Michelle

A deli/convenient store closed down recently and papered up the windows. this past week i noticed even though the windows are still papered, a new sign has been placed above the store called “Tres Toros Taqueria”. Just a tip if you haven’t heard anything, or if you have any other info.

A quick Google search revealed a mission style Mexican joint called Dos Toros Taqueria in the East Village… Perhaps this is their third location? Or maybe just a coninkidink.

Tres Toros Taqueria – Opening Soon
254 Driggs Ave

Update 7/10/11: Got the following email from the owners of Dos Toros Taqueria, so it’s not one of theirs:

Hey Justine,

Sorry to say there are no brooklyn plans as of yet. Number three is coming down the pipe, but it’ll be upper east side. This is pretty weird – I guess someone is opening a place called Tres Toros? Or it’s a joke?


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Goodbye, Zayas Appliance

Sad news on the Greenpoint business front, longtime Manhattan Avenue family owned business Zayas Appliance has gone out of business. From Crain’s New York:

Zayas Appliance
Zayas Appliance by TrespassersWill via Flickr

Zayas Appliance, a Greenpoint, Brooklyn, fixture since 1972, has gone out of business. The store, which may be the oldest in the neighborhood, was shuttered as a result of a recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing by its corporate parent, E-D & G Inc.

The appliance store, at 845 Manhattan Ave., is the latest casualty in a string of closures by local merchants, who have struggled as a result of the flagging economy.

Read the rest here.

It’s sad to see the old businesses from my youth close. It’s also sad that there aren’t any new businesses really popping up. Manhattan Avenue has quite a few empty storefronts and it’s depressing.

Hats off to Zayas Appliance, you’ll be missed.

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Kettle Pie

Updated post here.

Long time Williamsburg Polish restaurant Raymund’s Place quietly closed up shop a few weeks ago despite “renovation” signs. A new restaurant – Kettle Pie – has applied for their liquor license and apparently will be taking it’s place. Kettle Pie Inc. was recently incorporated and falls into the “bakeries & catering” category… Curiouser and curiouser…

110624464 by eater_ny

Kettle Pie
Coming Soon?
124 Bedford Avenue

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Boneshakers Moves On

Just got a bummer email from reader Sam:

Sad news for those of us in SE Greenpoint /E Williamsburg: Boneshakers has closed the curtain on 134 Kingsland for the last time and moved in with Champs Bakery at 176 Ainslie. Signs on the door suggested that they were having lease trouble, and the owners weren’t willing to cut them a break:

“We will miss you all so much. Thank you for loving us back. We learned the hard way that people with the big buck$ have hearts of stone. (heart) you!! – Everyone at Boneshakers.”

Boneshakers was one of the best parts about this neck of the woods. Good food and coffee, reasonable prices, friendly staff, lots of tables and free wi-fi. I’m glad they’ll still operate out of Champs, though that’s another mile down the way. Shame.

Good news: Champs/Boneshakers is having brunch this Sat/Sun.

This is very sad. The area where Boneshakers was located doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the others parts of nabe have. I’m sure it will be SORELY missed by locals over there. But I guess it’s also nice to celebrate them moving on to room with Champs.

Boneshakers at Champs Bakery
176 Ainslie Street

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Onyx Cafe – Sports Bar?

Onyx Cafe has been around for awhile. I’ve never been inside but from what I know it was a Polish bar/cafe/club kinda joint. Reader Ryan sent me an email that they’ve been closed and are doing some work inside. Also, he sent a pic of their little homemade sign out front about a “Sports Bar” coming soon.

Seems like it’s the same owners maybe doing some re-designing? Anyone know?

Onyx Cafe
278 Nassau Ave (between Sutton St & Morgan Ave)

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