Greenpoint home goods store, K&M Housewares (140 Nassau Ave.), is closing today. Located on the busy intersection of McGuinness Blvd. and Nassau Ave.,the store boasts prime real estate and a great location for business. 

However, after struggling with some recent negative reviews and facing the uncertain environment of the pandemic, K&M will close like so many other local businesses in Greenpoint. 

The popular store sells a wide variety of kitchen equipment like coffee makers, blenders, baking pans and knives, as well as bathroom goods and home decor. One K&M customer said it is her go-to spot for Soda Stream. 

A selection of cooking equipment at K&M Housewares.

Without K&M Housewares, Greenpoint residents are left with few affordable options for homewares. For items like coffee makers, customers can visit Lucas Electronics (886 Manhattan Ave.). Greenpoint also offers some designer home goods stores like Home of the Brave (146 Franklin St.), featuring a beautifully curated section of goods, many made by local artisans. 

A kitschy Eiffel Tower stand holding skillets at K&M Housewares.

In 2017, K&M started an Instagram and Facebook account to promote the store. They also added online shopping on their website for customers not located near Greenpoint. Unfortunately, this was still not enough to boost business. 


Today is the last day to get great deals on home goods at K&M. Everything in the store is at least 50% off. A lot of inventory has been sold, however some high end items such as French press coffee makers and sets of good knives are still available. 

The store will close at 6 p.m. tonight.

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