Greenpoint local Jimmy Kunz is opening a new pizzeria named after his grandmother. Rita’s Pizzeria (160 Huron St.) is aiming to open in late July in the space that was once home to Archestratus’ second storefront (Editor’s note—Archestratus is not going anywhere, they just went from two storefront spaces to one)

Rita’s will offer a selection of pies topped with seasonal ingredients, plus calzones, garlic knots, soft serve, cannolis, and classic black and white cookies. There will also be a grocery element, similar to the one at Archestratus. 

Kunz describes Rita’s as a “quintessential New York slice joint infused with European elegance and a touch of truffle magic,” which makes sense because Kunz is the founder of The Truffleist, a popular brand of truffle butter, truffle oil, truffle honey and other truffle condiments that is sold at local shops like Jubilee Marketplace (145 West St.) and Market on Kent (921 Manhattan Ave.).

Rita’s Pizzeria owner, Jimmy Kunz. Photo: Manny Angelakis

Kunz is the son of influential chef Gray Kunz, so not only has he been a part of the food world since founding The Truffleist in 2013, but he grew up in it. However, the high-end kitchens that his father worked in did not shape his palate as much as his grandmother, Rita, and the quiet moments he spent with her in Switzerland. 

Kunz said that Rita “infused every moment with warmth and joy, turning even the simplest of gatherings into cherished moments.” Their shared passion for cooking became a generational bridge, and now, Jimmy’s dream of opening his own restaurant, rooted in Rita’s influence and their love for culinary traditions, is about to become a reality. 

The current interior of 160 Huron Street, where Rita’s will open this summer.

Kunz lives just blocks away from his new project and is “super excited” to open the “sweet slice joint” in Greenpoint. “It was always Greenpoint, with its charm and familiarity,” Kunz said of his choice to open Rita’s in the neighborhood. Kunz said he finds solace in Greenpoint’s tight-knit immigrant communities and family-owned restaurants.

Rita’s Pizzeria will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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