I spend more time than I care to admit mindlessly scrolling TikTok. Most of the time, it’s just a fun way to goof off, but occasionally I’ll open the app in hopes that I’ll encounter something that could make a good Greenpointers story. I’m rarely rewarded — generally I come across the same type of twenty-something influencer who thinks they’ve discovered Awoke Vintage or Peter Pan Donuts.

But a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this video from Righteous Eats, a TikTok and Instagram account that highlights mom-and-pop or immigrant owned spots around New York City. It turns out that Greenpoint’s Jubilee Marketplace (145 West St.) offers a $2.15 burger at their 20 Grams Cafe. I made a note of it, but in light of how places like Radio Bakery and Brooklyn Charm have blown up, I wanted to wait a minute, preferring to partake in some light gatekeeping. Well, that lasted all of 48 hours, as the video went viral and everyone and their mother all of a sudden knew about this miracle burger.

So I decided to investigate. 

The burger from Jubilee Marketplace.

First, I love Jubilee Marketplace. They have a great selection of seasonal and occasionally off-beat produce (where else can I easily find kumquats, pink lemons, or discover that a sugar plum is not just something that Tchaikovsky made up?). They have a whole shelf devoted to yuzu-flavored products! They stock black sesame ice cream! So the prospect of a burger excited me. 

The smell of the grill hits your nostrils before the rest of your body can even cross into the grocery store. 20 Grams was bustling, but not catastrophically busy when I arrived at around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. Considering they’ve had to scale up burger production (and even then sold out one weekend), I counted myself lucky.


The burger itself is fairly straightforward, featuring pickles, caramelized onions, special sauce, and, for an additional 40 cents, cheese. New York City’s current predilection for smashburgers is going strong, and the 20 Grams burger is no exception — juicy, pub-style burger lovers look elsewhere. What sets it apart is the garlic confit hidden in the patty. It’s also fairly small, not much bigger than a slider. Jubilee owner Young Kim told the New York Post that he was inspired by the New Jersey burgers of his childhood, specifically the dollar burger from White Manna. The Jubilee team also told the outlet that they can keep the cost lower because they utilize the produce and meat from their own market. 

I ordered and waited for maybe 10 minutes. I ate two and felt hungry shortly after, but two should suffice if you’re in the mood for a snack. Still, it’s a good bargain, considering Greenpoint prices these days. And it’s pretty tasty, especially when you get a mouthful of garlic confit.

If you’re remotely curious, it’s worth checking out.

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    1. Disagree. Great review by the author. It is truly a tasty burger for that price. The owner breaks even on it as a draw. You can also make it the way you want ie add or subtract stuff and there is a 24 ounce can of modelo beer for $4!. If one wants to get ripped off on a $7-10 croissant at radio bakery or a $500 price tag at Ilis, more power to you.

      It is a rare bargain in Greenpoint. Also check out the new greek place, the greek kitchen by Starbucks. Good food at reasonable prices.

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