This weekend in Greenpoint is exceptionally full of fun Halloween activities for kids and families alike, but the thought of coming up with another clever costume can leave you paralyzed with indecision. It might be too late for an online order, so if you’re in panic mode, we’ve got some ideas for costumes based on what we know best — Greenpoint. All of these should be fairly easy to put together at the last minute, and though you might need to leave the neighborhood to do so, the arrival of a new Spirit Halloween in Williamsburg (200 Kent Avenue) might alleviate some of that stress.

Peter Pan Donuts employee

Few outfits are more quintessentially Greenpoint than the mint green and pink uniforms of the Peter Pan Donut staff. You might not be able to nail an exact replica, but you can come close with a button-down and baseball cap.

Sister Francis Kress

Am I going to hell if I call a nun “badass”? Swimming in Newtown Creek just to prove a point qualifies. Anyways, channel one of the neighborhood’s most fierce environmental activists (and namesake of the NBK Parks Alliance’s annual award) with this nun costume paired with a gas mask.

The Creature from the Superfund Site

Speaking of Newtown Creek, let our notoriously noxious Superfund site serve as your inspiration for a costume that also makes a political statement.

I’m gonna keep it real here — I started scrolling Spirit Halloween in search of a gruesome, disfigured mask, but they freaked me out too much (#MillennialSnowflake) so y’all can scroll on your own time. Or get some face paint.


Hellboy pizza from Paulie Gee’s

Pay homage to perhaps Paulie Gee’s most beloved pizza. All you need is a pizza costume and some devil ears and you’re all set.

The G train 

In order to really sell this costume, you should arrive late to whatever event you’re going to. And force your friends to recreate the infamous G-train sprint by immediately running away whenever anyone approaches you.

The Huron Street Tree Killer

Look, we don’t actually know what this guy looks like. He walks among us, passing us on the street, standing next to us in the grocery store, sitting across from us on the train. But you can evoke his spirit with a fake ax and attach some branches with a hot glue gun. 

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