Earlier this year, Brooklyn Winery unveiled its new space at 61 Guernsey Street, including the new, adjoining restaurant, Rosette.

For this week’s addition to the Community Cookbook, Rosette’s Executive Chef Shaun Lafountain has shared his recipe for Vegan Green Curry.

“Bright and earthy, this Vegan Green Curry is the perfect dish to enjoy during the summer months,” Chef LaFountain said. “The vibrant ginger and slightly sweet coconut milk compliment the curry’s spicy kick, while fresh veggies and nourishing tofu leaves you feeling satiated and satisfied (without feeling overly full).” 

See Chef Lafountain’s recipe below and find last week’s Community Cookbook recipe here.

Rosette’s Vegan Green Curry

Curry Sauce


Yield: 1 Quart (4 Servings)

Prep Time: 1 Hour


4 stalks of Lemongrass, cut in half

1 Jalapeno Pepper

2 Serrano Peppers

15 Garlic Cloves

5 Shallots, cut in half

2 Inch Piece of Ginger, sliced lengthwise

3 Lemons, zested

1 Bunch of Cilantro, both stems and leaves included

3 Teaspoons of Whole Cumin Seed

3 Teaspoons of Whole Coriander Seed

2 Whole Green Cardamom

1/2 Tablespoon of Ground White Pepper


  1. On a plancha with a grill surface, grill the lemongrass, jalapeno, serranos, shallots, ginger.
  2. Transfer the lemongrass, shallots and ginger to a rack to cool.
  3. Transfer the jalapeno and serrano peppers to a bowl and cover to allow the peppers to steam and the charred skins to loosen.
  4. Once cooled, remove the skins, seeds and tops. 
  5. Using the only tops of the lemongrass, cover with water and simmer for 30 minutes. 
  6. Finely chop the lemongrass bottoms and set aside. 
  7. While the lemongrass tops are poaching, toast all the spices in a small saute pan over low heat until aromatic. 
  8. Remove the spices from the heat and cool. 
  9. Grind all spices with a spice mill or a mortar and pestle. 
  10. Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until smooth. 
  11. Add a little lemongrass cooking liquid so that the food processor can catch the ingredients.
  12. Strain through a fine mesh sieve. 
  13. Salt to taste. 

Tofu and Veggies


4 ounces of Tofu, diced

1 ounces of Crimini Mushrooms, diced

1 ounce of Edamame, blanched

1 ounce of Eggplant, diced

2 ounces of Spinach, fresh

2 fingerling potatoes, blanched and halved

2 teaspoons of garlic

2 teaspoons of shallots

.25 cup of white wine (Rosette uses their house unoaked chardonnay.)

4 ounces of coconut milk


  1. In a saute pan over medium heat, add the mushrooms and cook until mushrooms release their water. 
  2. Once the pan is dry again, add a couple teaspoons of olive oil and get a golden color on the mushrooms. 
  3. Add tofu, eggplant and fingerling potatoes, toss until a golden color on those is achieved as well. 
  4. Add garlic and shallots and cook until bloomed and aromatic. 
  5. Deglaze pan with white wine and reduce until 1/4 of the wine remains. 
  6. Add the coconut milk and a cup of the curry sauce–or as much as your heart tells you–and bring to a light simmer. 
  7. Remove from heat, stir in spinach and blanched edamame. 
  8. Salt to taste, garnish with fresh cilantro.

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