• Council Member Lincoln Restler addressed the Board, speaking about the recent leptospirosis outbreak and ConEd electric bill increases. He also mentioned that applications are open for joining the Community Board! If you’re interested in applying, his office will host a forum to answer questions about the application process.
  • Lauren Comito, branch manager of Leonard Library, shared updates, including that the library has reopened with a new entrance and wheelchair-accessible ramp. The library just kicked off a pen-pal program with Brisbane, Australia, and will now be fine-free.

Committee reports:


  • There is a high volume of Brownfield clean-up programs happening.
  • A unanimous vote passed for additional air monitors to be installed in Greenpoint Playground and Newtown Barge Park, and that the developer absorb those costs. 
  • There will be a meeting to address the clean up of the site where the shelter at 83 Apollo Street will be, as it is contaminated

State Liquor Authority

  • Only ten new applications, with the committee recommending approval of five.
  • There were no issues with renewing liquor licenses 

Land Use 

  • Voted on a motion to approve an application for a mixed-use building on Broadway Triangle with 29 affordable units. 1300 square foot commercial space to lease to a non-profit, group, possibly a cafe.
  • Voted to deny the developer’s application for the site at 840 Lorimer Street unless certain criteria were met, such as the developer committing to making a significant contribution to the upkeep of McCarren Park. 
  • There was a prolonged discussion about this site, specifically as it relates to what kinds of building features and construction requirements the Board should push for. 


  • Construction is moving forward at the Lorimer Street station. Lorimer Street Station will be closed from Metropolitan Avenue to Conselyea Street for at least the next four weeks. 
  • Motions that the committee voted on, and later the whole Board voted on:
    • To redraft a letter to city officials opposing metered parking under the BQE. Motion carried.
    • To draft a letter to NYPD 90th Precinct to increase enforcement of illegal parking and standing on Wythe Avenue. Motion carried.
    • To draft a letter to NYC DOT Commissioner to request a community-based redesign of Grand Street to include physically protected bike lanes. Motion carried.
    • To draft a letter to NYC DOT to include the following improvements to the Meeker Avenue plan – improved signal timing and safer pedestrian crossing, more effective stormwater management under the BQE, upgraded lighting, a physically protected bike lane, among others. Motion carried. 

If you’d like to watch the meeting for yourself, you can do so here.

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