Just weeks after returning to full service, the Brooklyn Public Library branch at Leonard St. and Devoe St. will be fully shutting down.

The Leonard Library will officially close its doors on Monday, August 2, for a renovation project that’s expected to wrap up mid-fall 2021. Anyone who watched the progression of the Greenpoint Library renovations may be skeptical about this timeline. The project will include having a wheelchair ramp installed and replacing the building’s front steps.

“Patrons are not able to request materials on hold at this branch,” explained the BPL. “In preparation for the closure, patrons may not request materials on hold at this branch. Holds still at Leonard at that time will be moved to the Greenpoint Library.”

Leonard Library is one of BPL’s original Carnegie branches. It’s known as the iconic library visited by Francie in Betty Smith’s book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Those who want to become more involved with Leonard Library happenings can join the Friends of Leonard Library.


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    1. It does say Devoe. My issue is the the headline is a bit misleading. It should have said Leonard/Devoe. They did mention it correctly in the body of the report.

  1. Incredible bad planning. Whoever is in charge of this should be suspended at least. Good place for seniors to use computers, very helpful staff with latest computers and printers. Lifeline for them sometimes with important needed work.

    What’s next after they reopen they will shut again because they forgot to put a lock on the front door?

    1. Correction and apology. I thought it was the branch in Greenpoint. It was labeled correctly as the one in Williamsburg but the headline is misleading since both branches are on Leonard St.

  2. This branch was always so depressing. Reminded me of a prison library with horrible fluorescent lighting. I hope they’re doing way more than replacing the steps!

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