McCarren Hawk watches over the namesake park on Friday afternoon. (Image via justlydnobiggie)

Happy Friday Greenpointers! Just as restaurants and bars have begun settling into the Phase III new normal in NYC’s reopening, Governor Cuomo announced on Thursday that businesses can no longer serve alcohol unless customers also order food. To-go ordering of beers and cocktails is not canceled, but patrons can now only drink in New York State while seated and while at least six feet apart.

Cuomo also issued a three strike warning system threatening to close establishments that do not enforce social distancing, like Manhattan’s classic watering hole The White Horse Tavern which lost its liquor license last week following 30 violations and “eight visits from the State Liquor Authority and NYPD,” according to Gothamist.

On Friday, Cuomo announced that NYC will join the rest of the state this coming Monday by achieving Phase IV status, which includes media and tv production and the reopening of zoos and outdoor gardens. Indoor malls and museums will not be included in this stage of the city’s reopening.

Speaking of Governor Cuomo, he and the Board of Elections are facing a lawsuit from local activist and state assembly candidate Emily Gallagher and other plaintiffs over the counting of absentee ballots in the June 2020 democratic primaries. In the Joe Lentol / Gallagher race for the 50th assembly seat, approximately 9,700 ballots were returned out of 17,000 distributed ballots. The BOE required ballots to be received by June 30th with a postmark of June 23rd at latest, a Herculean task plaintiffs say that the United States Postal Service was relied upon to complete on time.

In other local news, Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s annual feast was canceled this summer for the first time since WWII, but the church’s official “Feast Day” on Thursday was marked by a small, Giglio-less procession through Williamsburg.


There’s a possible heatwave starting this weekend through early next week, so stay safe cool and safe out there Greenpointers, and in the meantime catch up on this week’s headline from around the neighborhood:

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