Isolating may be the overarching theme of 2020, and a new local business wants to help neighbors relax alone. Vessel Floats (101 West St.) is a spa specializing in sensory deprivation, isolation tanks. Each tank contains 1.5 tons of heated saltwater, so humans can easily float on top of it. The goal is for floaters to be able to completely unwind, feeling weightless without any external distractions.

A regular floating practice is said to help decrease anxiety, depression, lower cortisol levels (stress hormone), improve sleep, and be therapeutic in several more ways.

Floaters at Vessel have the option of a traditional session, which is completely devoid of light and sound, or Vessel Floats’ more structured audio journeys, which include sound baths and guided meditations. Controls inside the tank allow floaters to adjust the soft lights in the soundproof tanks. The tanks are full rooms with seven and a half foot tall ceilings, unlike the floating pods popularized online. The water itself is less than a foot deep, and it’s also safe to doze off while you float in the 93.5 degree Farenheit pool.

After a 60-minute floating session, guests can shower off, unwind in Vessel’s 750-square-foot, socially-distanced lobby or enjoy the spa’s outdoor seating with a gratis selection of coffees, teas, and more. Parties of up to four people can simultaneously book floating sessions, so they can unwind together before and after the solo experiences. All spaces are currently disinfected for COVID-19 protocol.


Membership to Vessel Floats starts at $75 per month (with a three month commitment) and includes one monthly, 60-minute session. First-timers can also take advantage of a $75 session to test out the mindfulness practice and see if it appeals to them. Walk-ins are not accepted. Those interested in unwinding before a visit to Vessel can also check out the spa’s Spotify playlist.

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