The front door at Woops! (120 Norman Ave.) was smashed on Friday morning.

A string of burglaries at Greenpoint businesses continued on Friday morning with a break-in at Woops! (120 Norman Ave.).

Surveillance footage shows a man using a brick to smash the front door of Woops! on Friday morning at 4:48 a.m., but the suspect left the bakery empty handed after finding a cashless register, according to an employee who reported the incident to the NYPD. Woops! closed on March 15th following New York’s pause due to coronavirus.



On Tuesday morning, the front door at Franklin Deli and Grocery (111 Franklin St.) was shattered in a similar fashion, but it’s not clear if there is a connection to the Woops! break-in.

On Thursday at 9:18 a.m., a man attempted to break into Broken Land (105 Franklin St.), video surveillance footage shows him walking away from the bar’s entrance after ripping off the door handle. A co-owner of the bar discovered the damage later in the morning and alerted the NYPD who are investigating.

The NYPD on the scene Thursday at Brooklyn Safehouse

Moments after the attempted Broken Land heist, the same man allegedly broke into Brooklyn Safehouse (120 Franklin St.) where he kicked in the front door and stole a laptop computer and an undisclosed amount of money.

Major crimes have fallen around 30% since the start of the coronavirus lock down, but burglaries in Brooklyn are up from 222 to 256 in Brooklyn this year compared with the same time-frame in 2019, according to the Brooklyn Paper.


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