Pierozek (592 Manhattan Ave.) will open on Wednesday (11/6)

A new pierogi shop that was inspired by another restaurant based in Poland will open Wednesday on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.

Pieroƶek (592 Manhattan Ave.) is from married couple Alexandra Siwiec and Radek Kucharski, who told the NY Times that the business will help to “maintain the cultural heritage” of Greenpoint against a backdrop of recently-closed Polish-owned businesses on Manhattan Avenue such as Bakery Rzeszowska (948 Manhattan Ave.) and Green Farms Supermarket (918 Manhattan Ave.) .

The soft opening is Wednesday at 11 a.m. and Pieroƶek’s menu is inspired by PierozeQ a restaurant in Czestochowa, Poland.

Meat pierogi (courtesy of Pieroƶek)

Savory meat, spinach and sauerkraut pierogies are rounded out by the classic sweet blueberry and strawberry options, which like their sister cafe in Poland will be prepared on-premise by hand.

Pierogi (courtesy of Pieroƶek)

Prices are moderate; a croquette (meat or sauerkraut and mushroom) with a cup of red borscht is $10, and an order of pierogies ranges from $10-$12.

Meat croquette (courtesy of Pieroƶek)

The Gentry, a French-Canadian restaurant specializing in poutine most-recently occupied the space at 592 Manhattan Ave.

According to the NY Times the pierogi masters from PierozeQ are helping prepare the kitchen for Wednesday’s soft opening:

Marzena Gesiarz and Zofia Kusmierska, the pierogi makers at PierozeQ, have been in New York for several weeks helping Mr. Kucharski and Ms. Siwiec, who have roots in Czestochowa and own small restaurants in Greenpoint, fine-tune their pierogi for the new restaurant opening on Wednesday. Their excellent half-moon boiled dumplings are filled with spinach, potato and cheese; mushrooms and sauerkraut; or pork, and will be served topped with sautéed onions. Borscht with little dumplings and sweet pierogi will also be on the menu.

Sweet Polish crepe with sweet cheese (courtesy of Pieroƶek)

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