Bakery Rzesowska is closed after more than three decades in Greenpoint.

Bakery Rzeszowska (948 Manhattan Ave.) has closed after 34 years on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. The Polish bakery was a go to for makowiec, freshly baked bread and authentic pączki near the Greenpoint Avenue subway for decades. A note posted on the front of the bakery’s building on Thursday gives thanks to their customers:

Thank you to all our customers for wonderful cooperation and trust.

Thank you for wonderful 34 years during which you were with us.


The notes left on the front of Bakery Rzesowska

One block away on the same side of Manhattan Avenue another Polish community staple Mazur Meat Market (922 Manhattan Ave.) closed temporarily for rennovations and reopened earlier this year, but Green Farms Supermarket (918 Manhattan Ave.) closed last fall.

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  1. Greenpoint was a great place to leave before the newcomers arrived. It did not need “ gentrification”. It was safe and affordable . It had Polish frestaurants, meatmarkets, and bakeries. There are very few left due to high rents and the exodus of Polish residents.
    There were Hispanic residents on the other side of Greenpoint Ave.
    that also had to leave due to high rents. Where do people go when rents are so high everywhere? No wonder there are so many homeless people.

  2. A bakery was there in the 50s where they would bake jelly donuts, apple turnovers, bread in the cellar and the items would come up on a lift. Loaf of rye bread Sliced. Three cream donuts. 1en cents

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