The “Gypsy Brewers” at Stillwater Artisanal are looking to open a home base at 321 Kingsland Avenue, which they’re calling “Production.” Stillwater Artisanal officially launched in 2010 and has been ranked as one of the best new brewers worldwide.

For the Greenpoint hub, Founder Brian Strumke envisions an “experimental fermentation facility, creatively integrating a brewery, eatery, bar and event space into a community hub for beer lovers, gourmands, and creatives.” The whole space is set to open in the fall of this year, and in addition to food, drink and creative events, Production will offer visitors limited edition beers and a chance to view the brewing process. 

Since the project is so ambitious, Stumke has turned to the crowdfunding site Growth Fountain, and hopes to raise up to $1 Million dollars. And you know what crowdfunding means: Swag! If you kick in $100, you’ll get a tee-shirt and a free beer on your birthday for life.

If you keep climbing the swag ladder all the way to $10,000, they’ll brew a custom beer for you! You’ll get to select the grains and yeast and write the recipe. Then, the team’s in-house artist will create a custom label for you, and you’ll get 10 cases of your beer, in addition to the myriad prizes on offer below this amount.


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