Image: Davey’s Ice Cream/Instagram

Late last August, David Yoo of Davey’s Ice Cream became the person to finally sign a 15-year lease at the long-empty former Mona Lisa Coffee Shop(74 Meserole Ave). With two schools across the street, the post office, and tons of street traffic, that corner of Guernsey St and Meserole Ave is one of the busiest in Greenpoint. After a year of construction, the teal storefront and hand-painted sign From Overall Murals are finally ready for customers. And to celebrate the opening, Davey’s is doing their traditional opening party and that means ice cream for everyone!!

For those who don’t know, Yoo opened the first Davey’s in the East Village in late 2013 and the ice-cream parlor was an instant success. Just like at that and Williamsburg store, Greenpoint will be enjoying fresh Hudson Valley cream turned into classics like Mexican Vanilla; Strawberry Swirl; Peppermint Chip; Strong Coffee (made from Birch Coffee’s single-origin Brazil Carmo de Minas beans, it is indeed very, very strong); Speculoos (aka the Biscoff cookie you get on Delta flights) Chocolate Chip; Cookies & Cream; Roasted Pistachio; and Chocolate Chocolate. Like any fun shop, there will be limited-edition specials, often advertised on their Facebook and Instagram. Since this new shop has so much space, it’s 3,200 square feet, there will also be classes, events, and parties in addition to actual ice-cream production. If you stop by next Tuesday, the 17th, between 3pm and 8pm, you can get a free scoop of ice cream and welcome the team to the neighborhood!

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