Hallelujah, we’re in Greenpoint. Photo by Lucie Levine

Pedestrians in North Brooklyn have been Walking on the Wild Side this week, since our thoroughfares are more treacherous than you thought. On Tuesday, a sinkhole opened on Myrtle Avenue between Bedford and Nostrand, and swallowed a man’s entire right leg as he was walking to work. He was rescued by the NYFD and was not seriously injured.

That means Greenpointer Victoria Cambranes has her work cut out for her. As an advocate for street-safety and affordable housing, she is hoping to run for City Council as a member of the Progress for All Party, which she created,

Speaking of municipal personnel, city workers were in McCarren Park Last Thursday to spread awareness about how the city handles low-level offenses.

But members of the Mayor’s office aren’t the only one who are flocking to the neighborhood. We’re in Vogue this week. On Friday, the magazine published a food crawl through Greenpoint. Turns out we’re “gaining steam as a restaurant destination to watch.”


But vogue isn’t the only publication with hots for the G train. On Wednesday, the New York Daily News came out with a Quiz: How many stops on the G Line can you name?

The MTA is proud to say it can name all of them, and not only that, according to a press release issued Thursday, it has installed real-time train arrival countdown clocks in all E and G line stations.

And finally, Brian Aponte, who was convicted of fatally shooting Greenpointer Michael Matusiak in East Williamsburg in 2015, has been sentenced to 33 years to life in prison.

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