Glasserie’s sister restaurant, BarGlory, is open.  Image: BarGlory/Instagram

At the beginning of this year, things looked bleak food-wise on Franklin Street Cassette, Jimmy’s, Brooklyn Label, Mr. Souvlaki, and Mrs. Kim’s had all gone dark during the end of 2016 or first few months of 2017. The space in Franklin Guesthouse that looks like it should be a restaurant was most definitely not yet a restaurant. We could still get sandwiches at Eagle Trading Company (258 Franklin St), tacos at Vamos Al Tequila (162 Frankin St), or enjoy the back garden of Anella (222 Franklin St), but the empty restaurants reminded us of what we couldn’t have. Luckily, those holes have been slowly filling in and this fall will be glorious for Franklin St.

First, there was Chez Ma Tante (90 Calyer St) in the former Jimmy’s space (yes, go get the beef tartare). Of course, one of our newest chill spots is Threes at Franklin + Kent (113 Franklin St). Then, we noticed that the Franklin Guesthouse restaurant space is finally fully operational. The new spot at 214 Franklin Street is called “BarGlory” and is the sister restaurant of Glasserie. The menu is a little light with most of the sections only giving you three options, but there does seem to be something for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. The dishes incorporate a number of East Asian ingredients including Korean kuksu, Japanese togarashi noodles, and Chinese tea eggs. The cocktails are going for $13, with several pét-nat, draft wine, and beer options. Currently, they are only open for dinner, with breakfast and lunch coming soon.

New new Brooklyn Label!!   Image: Le Gamin/Instagram

Hopefully, by New Years, Franklin Street will be filled out with the rest of our options. First, there will be the new new Brooklyn Label (180 Franklin St) opening sometime in the early fall. The space has been taken over by the same team behind Le Gamin (108 Franklin St) and will be serving American classics. Down the block, workers have been spotted renovating the old Mr. Souvlaki (208 Franklin St). No word yet on what’s coming but the DOB paperwork will have us believe it will be another restaurant. Over by the original Le Gamin, the scaffolding is down at what will be Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop (110 Franklin St). Last we heard, there were a few construction delays, but fingers crossed, we’ll have some ‘za by year end.

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