Greenpoint Open Studios is June 3 & 4, 2017!

With over 400 artists participating in GOS 2017, we’d like to highlight some of the groups and artist collectives who will be opening their studios and hosting interactive performances throughout the weekend!

Be sure to check out the roster of exhibiting artists as well as the calendar of events!


Dark Matters Collective
87 Richardson Street

Dark Matters is a NYC based art collective which creates visual art works in multiple fields of context through multimedia installations and performance.

Dark Matters Collective explores the intangible aspects of the natural world creating interactive sites for contemplating the unseen energies that permeate the universe and connect the dynamic to the inert. They perform under the aliases of Sophia, Ahambra and Aurora.

Members include Aimée Burg, Frank De Leon Jones, Anna Ritsch.

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87 Richardson Street
Studio #300 D

Ea1t was founded by sisters and food lovers – Karolina & Kasia Gumpert.

Karolina and Kasia were born in Poland. Nowadays, they live and work in Brooklyn, New York. After graduation from the Silesian University with MA in Psychology and Food Studies, Karolina was traveling throughout Spain, France and Morocco to finally settle down in Brooklyn. Kasia lives in Brooklyn and holds MFA in Photography from International Center of Photography and Bard College, New York.

The sisters appreciate the art of eating and hospitality thanks to their Grandma Maria. They have taken inspiration from her culinary tradition and combined it with their passion for seasonal ingredients, flavor combinations to put their tasting experience on the international culinary map.

In addition to food styling and managing culinary workshops, Karolina is available for the recipe development, menu tastings and private events. Besides photography, Kasia offers her expertise in art curating and publishing.

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Lyeberry HQ
250 Greenpoint Ave4th Fl. #23

Lyeberry is a series of informal engagements that focus on the sharing of objects, events, experiences and ideas. Founded in 2009 by Akina Cox and Joseph Imhauser, Lyeberry has taken a multifaceted approach to organizing and takes sharing as a very serious gesture of change. In July 2016 Lyeberry opened a project space in Brooklyn, NY called Lyeberry HQ. Here we present events, discussions, gatherings, exhibition and host studio residency programs that foster collusions and intersections of all sorts.

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The Puzzle Project
67 West Street
4th Floor

The Puzzle Art Installation & Collaborative Project is a Greenpoint-based, worldwide art collaboration. The “Puzzle Project” consists of thousands of 24″x 24″ artistic puzzle pieces created in more than 30 states and 20 countries. The puzzle pieces are assembled together into a massive jigsaw puzzle art installation. People of all ages from communities, corporations, galleries, museums, arts groups, schools, non-profit organizations and individuals have created puzzle artwork to help grow this historic collaboration. It is a simple way for each of us to express ourselves or tell a story with art. You don’t have to be an artist to participate. There are no rules to how you make your puzzle piece. You just have to have something to say. Like each
of us, every puzzle piece is different. Together they create a large meaningful piece of collaborative art that is like nothing ever seen or exhibited.

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FluxWork Studio
55 Nassau Avenue
Unit 2E

Collective of Jewelry Artists with a shared workspace called FluxWork Studio.

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