Greenpoint Open Studios is June 2-4, 2017.

Here’s just a few of the hundreds of artists participating in our latest “Artists to Watch!” installment.

Be sure to check out the roster of exhibiting artists as well as the calendar of events!

See you June 2-4 for GOS 2017!


Heather Garland, Painting
236-250 Greenpoint Avenue 4th Floor
A painter who flirts with sculpture… read her Greenpointers Profile here!

GOS Profile

James Bartolacci, Painting
246 Greenpoint Ave.#1315e

I started painting again two years ago. I stopped painting after high school and didn’t go to art school. It was hard to get back into it; I doubt what I’m doing often. But my years in the city would feel aimless without it.

Are you drawn to my paintings’ colors or repulsed by their saturation? Do you feel a longing for community or a place for respite? Do they make you feel comforted or lonelier?

My mom told me she loves my paintings. Parents often spare judgement on their child’s artistic impulses. She thinks I’m talented.

GOS 2017 Profile


Kate McQuillen, Installation
71 Sutton St. Garage

My most recent artwork has been focused on transforming architectural forms. In these large-scale works, I apply imagery to the exteriors and interiors of buildings. I use visuals that refer to things which are faraway and untouchable, like skies, stars, and fire. The new structures speak about the unknown and wonder, and merge the familiar with the inaccessible.

GOS 2017 Profile



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