Greenpoint’s future skyline, facing Manhattan (via CityRealty)

Another skyscraper is rising along the Greenpoint waterfront, slated for completion in 2018. The area is quickly being transformed into a cordon of gleaming skyscrapers. Some people have jokingly started calling our area “Dubai” in reference to North Brooklyn’s huge skyscrapers.

Developer Andru Coren’s application to build a 12 story 60-unit residential tower at 29 Clay Street was approved by the city. The building will contain 48,000 square feet and an underground garage for parking. The tower will have a single apartment on the first floor, seven on the second and eight each on the third and fourth floors. There will be five apartments each of the second through tenth floors with two on the 11th and a single penthouse apartment on the 12th floor.

29 Clay Street, rendering by AB Architekten

29 Clay is one of the latest towers being built in a huge construction spree along Newtown Creek and the East River. 29 Clay is near Commercial Street, where the huge Greenpoint Landing complex is quickly rising. It’s also down the street from the controversial homeless shelter at 66 Clay.

Local residents are concerned that Greenpoint could soon be overdeveloped, placing too great a strain on the area’s infrastructure. The buildings will likely lead to greater population density and increased crowding on public transportation. Many Greenpointers wonder just how many large buildings such as 29 Clay our area can accommodate without damaging the quality of life here; but nevertheless, the building boom goes on unabated.

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