Trump-tar pops up in Greenpoint, Free Trees for Neighborhood Residents, and a Sketchy Bat at Silk Road Cycles: The Hook-Up 10/14

The bat that has taken up residence outside Silk Road Cycles.

A bat has been posted up outside Silk Road Cycles (76 Franklin St.) all week. Someone at the shop reportedly contacted Animal Control 4 days ago and as of yesterday, the poor, apparently sick bat was still there.

Riverkeeper will be hosting a Newtown Creek Community Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday, Oct. 20. The EPA will be presenting an update.

A pro-Donald Trump art show was cancelled this week at a Williamsburg gallery.

No, Bill Murray has not announced any further bartending engagements, but his son’s restaurant, 21 Greenpoint got some good press this week!

Join the Newtown Creek Alliance this Saturday, Oct. 15 from 11am to 3pm to learn more about recent programs funded by the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund. The event will be at the North Brooklyn Boat Club and is free and family friendly.

A talking Trump Zoltar machine mysteriously appeared on the corner of Manhattan Avenue and Clay Street Tuesday morning. Banksy, have you been in Brooklyn?

Greening Greenpoint is giving away free trees to residents of Greenpoint! You must register for this by Monday, Oct. 17, so if you want one, get on it!

The Leonard Library Branch (81 Devoe St.) will be having a book sale and bake sale on Saturday, Oct. 15 from noon to 4pm.

About Erik Keithley

Originally from just north of Baltimore, Erik became enchanted with the country-tinged outlaw folk of Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, and Guy Clark while studying journalism in North Carolina. As a direct result, he moved to Austin as soon as he could, where he saw a lot of music, recorded a little of his own, and honed a strong appreciation for brisket, New Orleans, and a generally slower and more inquisitive approach to life. Having just moved to Greenpoint from Austin, Erik aims to explore the mellow charms of his beloved new neighborhood with the same quietly searching eyes.

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  1. K. says:

    Re: bat – Contact the Wild Bird Fund in Manhattan. I believe they take bats.


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