A. Brian McDonald, Wood Panel , 2013
Collage, Gouache, Pastel (8.5 inches x 11 inches)

This week we’re spotlighting two neighborhood artists participating in Greenpoint Open Studios this weekend: A. Brian McDonald and Sara C. Sun. Their styles may be different, but their work is equally captivating.


Sara C Sun, Night, 2012. Single-Channel video, 2:37

Much of Greenpoint self-taught artist A. Brian McDonald’s work explores vintage ideas of femininity and power through the use of ink and cut paper.


The women in his work are often portrayed as clown-like vixens, with tantalizingly evil Mommy Dearest smiles. Men are either non-existent or serve as props for his 1960s Serial Moms; they’re the afterthoughts. These women are staring right through the viewer, with a sultry yet malicious piercing gaze.

You can catch A. Brian McDonald’s work at Greenpoint Open Studios this weekend, at 46 Driggs Avenue # 2R. In addition to his paper cutout/ink work he’ll also be showing a photo project he recently completed—100 photos of of 100 objects he photographed and got rid of, in 100 days.

A. Brian McDonald


Sara C. Sun, Sonja, 2014. Single-Channel or loop video, 3:35.

Sara C. Sun’s career has spanned more than 30 years in the NYC art scene, and her work has been included in numerous shows and screenings nationally and internationally since the late 80’s.

For her piece Sonja (2014), she re-edited found footage of controversial ice skater Sonja Henie and juxtaposed it with a remix “Ride of the Valkyries” and the 1920’s popular song “Nobody’s Sweetheart”. “The sound and visual intends to contrast and shift between poetics and power, evokes feelings of vulnerability and the precariousness in our everyday existence,” she says.

Sara C. Sun, Big Drawing #5, 2015. Coffee and ink on paper.

Though her primary medium is video, Sara has had an ongoing drawing project for the past ten years using coffee stains and ink on paper.

Sara’s work and workspace will be on view during Greenpoint Open Studios this weekend at PencilWorks, 61 Greenpoint Ave., 6th Floor, Room 646.

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