Thursday Spotlight: Life After Greenpoint, Catching up with Matthew F. Fisher

Myth, Ritual, and Religion, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 19 x 15 inches, Private Collection, Montauk, NY, courtesy of the artist

I spent last Wednesday evening with artist Matthew F. Fisher at his new studio in Inglewood, California, a diversified and quieter southwest suburb of Los Angeles. We began the night at Fisher’s home by unboxing various eras of paintings and ink drawings, the evidence of a recent cross coastal move. It was a treasure hunt, where the gold was getting to examine his tight, ornamental, almost sculptural figures up-close. Matthew, his wife Nora and their 16-month-old son Ferdinand moved to Inglewood six months ago after living and working in Greenpoint for eleven years. Their relocation was prompted in part by their desire to be closer to family, and for Nora’s continuing education.

Matthew F. Fisher in his Inglewood studio, courtesy of the artist

After getting acquainted with Fisher’s neighborhood, we made it over to his studio building in downtown Inglewood. The neighboring storefront, coincidentally titled Big Wave Realty, was labeled with a hand-painted wooden sign in the shape of a breaking tidal wave. Matthew smiled adding, “They asked me if I would hang up a painting.” While the move has had distinct influences on Fisher’s work, his various iconic seafaring motifs seem to be around to stay. Leaping synchronized waves, stoic ocean rocks, and tides peeling back to reveal glittering sand are all seemingly familiar imagery, but now with a West Coast influence.

Greenpointers: How has your work changed since moving to L.A.?

Matthew F. Fisher: I’ve been obsessed with this idea of near symmetry. I used to see it in paintings by John Mclaughlin, an abstract minimalist painter from L.A. in the 1950s. After I moved out here, I started to look at the architecture and noticed that the structure of the houses would be symmetrical, but then the windows would be slightly off. I feel like that energy is starting to play into the work in a way where I am not interested necessarily in working symmetrically, but I’m interested in the idea of elements being almost symmetrical or elements indirectly lining up symmetrically with other elements. For me, it makes it not necessarily supernatural, but a once in a lifetime experience. These things had to have happened at some point in time, considering we’ve been around for tens of thousands of years. The paintings are almost like this snapshot, or a wink in time I am capturing.

January and March, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 19 x 15 inches, courtesy of the artist and Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA

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Thursday Spotlight: A. Brian McDonald & Sara C. Sun

A. Brian McDonald, Wood Panel , 2013 Collage, Gouache, Pastel (8.5 inches x 11 inches)
A. Brian McDonald, Wood Panel , 2013
Collage, Gouache, Pastel (8.5 inches x 11 inches)

This week we’re spotlighting two neighborhood artists participating in Greenpoint Open Studios this weekend: A. Brian McDonald and Sara C. Sun. Their styles may be different, but their work is equally captivating.


Sara C Sun, Night, 2012. Single-channel video, 2:37
Sara C Sun, Night, 2012. Single-Channel video, 2:37

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Williamsburg Walks Call For Artists!

Williamsburg WalksWe had so much fun last year at Williamsburg Walks, and are psyched about this year’s festivities. On June 11th and 12th, Bedford Avenue between Metropolitan and N 12th Street will turn into an artsy public park. Temporary wall units, interactive installations and sculptures will be staggered throughout the blocks. In addition to the installations there will be a variety of activities; last year there were a ton of vendors selling their wares, food and a skateboarding demo.

Northside Art is seeking proposals for:
1. Live painting/graffiti/collage
2. Interactive installations/workshops
3. Sculpture/stand alone installations
4. Performance artists

Submit your proposal via this form.
The deadline to submit is May 15th.
Send all questions to ​[email protected]

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In Conversation with Polish Crochet Artist, Olek

Olek's park installation ‘Believe the Magic’ with the Tipi Project, photo via instagram @oleknyc

If you don’t believe the magic, it’s likely that you will after spending any increment of social time with Olek. For the past twelve years, the magic she makes comes from the craft of crocheting. When I sit down with her in Greenpoint’s Lomzynianka Restaurant,  I realize her magic has a deeper source—it’s rooted in her humble upbringing, in which everything around her was fair play as materials for creation. She hops off her bike, meets me at a table, and jumps right in after we order. Continue reading

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An Interview with Emily In Her Dorm Room… On Franklin St (thru 1/16)

"Emily's Dorm Room" at Rawson Projects

A room within a room. A girl within a room, within a room. An artist who hired a girl to live within a room, within a room. This sets the stage for Cy Amundson’s experimental exhibition at Rawson Projects, Emily’s Dorm Room, open through January 16, 2014.

Amundson placed an ad online at NYU for a participant to live inside a dorm room he built in a modestly sized gallery on Franklin St in Greenpoint for over one month. He originally hoped to meet an art student but luckily ended up with Emily, a sophomore pursuing a degree in Gender Studies, whose main area of interest is how women are portrayed in the media.

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Make Some Sound At Reverse Space – Open Recording Session Tonight! (7/19)

I am intrigued and excited about tonight’s event at REVERSE  (28 Frost St) which invites Greenpointers to be part of Matthew Matthew’s interactive installation.

Matthew Matthew invites you to a sound recording session this Friday, July 19 from 7-9 PM as part of STOMPS & CLAPS & SNAPS & POPS & SNIFFS & CLICKS & AHHHHH.

In the interactive spirit of the installation, Matthew Matthew will host a special recording session at the gallery to gather new sounds and images from the community in and around REVERSE. All are invited to come and produce sounds, which will then be edited and included as part of the musical instruments for the remainder of the exhibition.

More info

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Waiting for Godot until 8/18 at [email protected]

The more witty the DIY aesthetic of Overturn Theatre’s interactive installation Waiting for Godot grew, the more charming the production became.

The venue [email protected], a restored medical ward at the edge of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg border, has a history just creepy enough to be interesting without being frightening. The random foliage, trap doors and pop-up bartenders all added to the experience. Continue reading

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Crest Fest 2012: Sneak Peek

garden sculpture at crest fest

In order to enter Crest Hardware Store for a sneak peek of the art show, I hopped over a sunshine yellow threshold that was still wet from a fresh coat of paint. Retrospectively, this little leap was something of a magical moment – a transportation into an inspiring oasis that is cultivating both community and creativity in its surroundings. Continue reading

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Figment NYC & The Puzzle Project This Weekend!

I already told you about a great project called PaperJam at Figment NYC, which is happening this weekend on Governors Island. I want to introduce to you another amazing project called The Puzzle Project by an amazing Greenpointer named Tim Kelly.

The Puzzle Installation & Collaborative Project is a huge traveling group art exhibition that continues to grow. It originated at the Monmouth County Arts Council, but the project gained such popularity and momentum among art and community organizations, like our own Greenpoint YMCA, and schools throughout the US and abroad that it’s become Tim’s full-time gig, which is completely self-funded. When you see the scale of this project you will wonder what fuels him.

When you meet Tim you will quickly understand it is his genuine love for art and his passion for sharing that love that gives him the energy to manage this huge endeavor.

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Call for Art: Figment

FIGMENT NYC is now accepting proposals for the following:

FIGMENT 2012 NYC Weekend
This year, FIGMENT NYC will take place during the weekend of June 9-10 on Governors Island in New York City. We are seeking proposals for FIGMENT Weekend projects. Projects can include but are not limited to: installations, performances, games, activities, workshops, multimedia, electronic art, music, social experiments, etc. Your FIGMENT Weekend project can be submitted by an individual or collective of individuals. Projects will be selected based on creativity, interactivity, structural integrity, context and impact, sustainability, feasibility, budget, and community involvement.

Deadline: May 1, 2012

Details about this opportunity for artists can be found on our website at:

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