Narayan Lockett (right) in his Sensitive New Age Guy apparel

Narayan Lockett is an artist expressing a dialogue between popular culture and his personal aesthetic, best described by his Instagram handle, “@postfeminism.” Working out of an independent screen-printing studio in Greenpoint for his t-shirt line Sensitive New Age Guy, his messages intertwine boyhood vulnerability and feminist empowerment. He founded Sensitive New Age Guy in 2014, also starting a music podcast to promote eclecticism and free-spirited fashion. Inspired by artists like Signe Pierce, Grace Miceli, and Shana Sadeghi-Ray, Narayan fuses aspects of neo-pop to his practice in photography and product design, such as with his “Drake x American Apparel” collaboration, curated in the Drake-themed show “U Could Do Better” for the internet artist collective Art Baby Gallery. Providing his voice to the collaborative platform for women’s health, he hosts “Hail To The V,” an audio podcast promoting further dialogue between female artists and self-awareness by way of alternative media.

Narayan promoting Sensitive New Age Guy for an online radio event held at American Apparel
Taken upon meeting his childhood idol in Williamsburg, “The Cera” is Narayan’s latest work and graphic for his t-shirt line

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