If there’s one thing all Greenpointers have in common it’s that we’re reaaallly struggling with the heat right now. As I sit writing this in my sweatbox railroad apartment, I’m silently cursing the giant AC unit I dragged off the street with ‘Free…Works!!’ written across it. Yep, it works, but not well enough. I’m slowly melting, and so are all of my worldly possessions.

Fortunately there’s plenty of freshly-chilled local hideouts to escape to, some of which offer that ingenious invention: the frozen cocktail. We’ve rounded up a few our faves, and it just so happens that each of our picks has outdoor space…so it’s really up to you to choose between icy AC and scorchio sunshine!

Frozen Harrison – Enid’s  
Enid’s Frozen Harrison combines tequila and grapefruit with a healthy slosh of cranberry to give us the definitive Greenpoint summer drink. It’s large and refreshing, and during happy hour costs only $5…the best deal of them all! (Happy hour is daily 4-7pm and all night on Mondays.) At other times the Harrison is $9.

Enid’s is at 560 Manhattan Avenue on the corner of Driggs Avenue.

Frozen Negroni – Lake Street 
At $12 this negroni’s pretty expensive, but, as the bartender told us ‘it’s basically pure booze’ and boy does it pack a punch (in a wonderful, ice-cold way). If Campari’s not your thing, they also do a frozen strawberry margarita ($8) which our arts editor described as ‘unbelievably exquisite’. The secret is in the strawberry syrup which is infused with mint and makes for a really delicate, beautiful frozen beverage.


Lake Street is at 706 Manhattan Avenue between Norman and Meserole Avenues.

Frozen Margarita – Calexico
Calexico’s margaritas always get me drunk, and this one’s no different…it’s just delightfully icy. These come in at $9 a pop, and are best sopped up with a baja fish taco or two. And if you’ve seen the lines for the Calexico cart by Madison Square Park recently, you’ll be grateful for the comparatively speedy service here in Greenpoint.

Calexico is at 645 Manhattan Avenue, between Nassau and Norman Avenues.

Frozen Piña Colada – Broken Land
Miniature paper parasols in drinks have always given me a tiny thrill, and when accompanied by an exotic green leaf they’re even better. This tropical tiki extravaganza instantly transports you to vacation mode and, although it costs $12, it’s a long drink and is one to be lingered over. We liked ours so much we shifted into the shaded backyard for a second round.

Broken Land is at 105 Franklin Street between Greenpoint Avenue and Milton Street.

Bitter Betty – Battery Harris
This was my least favorite of the five slushies we tried, but the environment is fun and summery so I’ve included it anyway. The Bitter Betty is a frozen grapefruit margarita. It’s nice, but it’s not very strong and at $12 for a small glass I was left wanting more but unwilling to fork out for another round. The surroundings are colorful and jubilant though, and the half inside/half outside arrangement of the bar evokes the feel of a tiki surf shack which is useful when trying to forget one’s immediate proximity to the BQE. They also do a Dark and Stormy ‘Frozie’ at $11, so perhaps this one is worth going back for.

Battery Harris is at 64 Frost Street, by the Meeker Avenue intersection.

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