Say Farewell to Winter with this ‘Before Spring’ Beer-Pairing Dinner at Le Fond (03/11)

AvantLePrintemps_Flyer_4_le_fondIt may be March but it’s still a vile slush-pit from hell out there and is nowhere near as springy as any of us would like. However, the good folks at Le Fond are realistic with their expectations of the seasons and next week will be hosting a one-off pairing dinner sensibly titled ‘Avant le Printemps’ or (as Richard Linklater might say) ‘Before Spring’.

Chef Jake Eberle is teaming up with Greenpoint Beer & Ale Company to present a delicious five-course rustic modern dinner where each plate is carefully paired with a different local brew.

Whilst the majority of the menu is true to Le Fond’s usual French leanings, there’s some definite Polish influence sneaking in,  with one dish including kielbasa, sauerkraut and new potatoes.  The five courses are rounded off  with chocolate stout cake and bourbon cherries, which sounds almost guaranteed to keep us happy and well-insulated until the sun comes out again. (Full menu is below).

‘Avant le Printemps’ dinner will take place on at 7pm onWednesday March 11th at Le Fond, 105 Norman Avenue, Greenpoint. 

Price is $65 per person/$60 for a Vegetarian option

To reserve a table email: [email protected] or call: 718.389.6859


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