Skyline View that will have Punters Coming in Droves

Its official: Judging by a weekend of gleaming porcelain limbs sunning themselves in McCarren Park, our long-lost love Springtime has finally returned! Which means it’s now time to start thinking about where we can make the most of these warmer days and nights.

When I popped into Aussie newcomer Northern Territory (12 Franklin Street) on Saturday evening I was happy to learn that their rooftop bar is now fully operational. However, it was nearing a breezy 9pm and was declared too chilly to remain open but before they wound things down I managed to snap a couple of quick pics.

The rooftop is big, probably about the same size as the space upstairs at Berry Park. Loads of big solid wooden tables and benches make for plenty of room to perch, strings of white lights glint prettily everywhere, and the view of Manhattan rivals that from the top of the Wythe.

My advice? Get there soon.  A month or so from now and it’s going to be heaving!

Northern Territory Rooftop Bar

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