Artwork by Sek3 at Succulent Studios

Greenpoint has a new and HUGE art gallery – Succulent Studios, occupying a 3,000 square foot space on the coveted 5th floor of 67 West St – a landmarked former rope factory on the waterfront. A freight elevator up from our third floor HQ, past Greenpoint Loft and around the bend, I opened the door into a construction zone – a vast, high ceilinged and sun drenched construction zone with a view of the East River, lower Manhattan and a granite store yard below – the kind of space many of us would dream to work or live in.

And, it was Wednesday. The Grand Opening exhibit featuring the works of over 30 big name street artists is this Saturday night. I met with Creative Director, Daniel Weintrab – a self described art collector and street art photographer – to find out how the heck he would pull it off. A postcard on the dusty bench had all the participating artists’ names crossed out. I looked at him confused.

“That means I have received their artwork. And they are all crossed off.” Artwork check.

Daniel Weintrab holding artwork by Michael Alan

The show will include artworks by: Sek3, Cern, Alexandra Henry, Alice Mizrachi, Marthalicia Matarritaa, Michael Alan, Stefano Alcantra, Cekis, Jamies Hef, Nicholai Khan, Steven Lopez, Addi Somekh, RP Baker Jr, Ket, Trap, Fib, Native, Gilf!, Bisco Smith, Danielle Mastrion, Aislap, Daze, Bishop203, Ezo, Klass, Queen Andrea, Icy & Sot, Hellbent, Lunar New Year, See One, Greg Lamarche, Sean G, Dirty Bandits, Names.

If Daniel’s confidence and excitement are any indication of the days ahead, the show will go on without a hitch, it’s just fitting everyone into the space (they are expecting a ton of guests) that will be a problem. Not a bad problem to have and he’s receiving guest list requests (can you believe that?) for an art show in Greenpoint.


“My advice is get here early. There isn’t going to be a guest list… And don’t dress too sharp.”

The last is Daniel’s “favorite line” since the show was slated around the schedules of balloon artists – Cern and Addi Somekh, professional balloon twister. Other highlights of the event are bikini-clad balloon art muses, free Brooklyn Brewery beer (we like that) and live classical music.

Brick Wall Fitted With Sheetrock For Art Hanging at Succulent Studios

Succulent Studios (which references the “tough and hardy” plants) is the concept of Queens street artist, succulents collector and owner of the space – Sek3, who after a successful pop-up in Art Basel wanted to move forward with his own art space, Daniel said. He made it clear that the space is not limited to art shows but will have moveable walls for other art related events, drawing nights and classes. In an interview with Bedford & Bowery, Sek3 said he specifically wants to offer classes to city kids and donate a portion of the proceeds to rescue dogs.

As for the art, “we are not pigeon holing ourselves into any type of art. We are focusing on quality rather than genre,” Daniel said holding up a cellophane wrapped piece by Michael Alan to be hung on one of the many brick walls fitted with sheetrock. If you want to see the rest of it, stop by the opening or visit during TBA gallery hours. The show will run through April and there is no plan for the next exhibit yet. I suspect the team needs to get through this week.

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