BK Craft Company Mascot - Fifi

Not sure if you’ve noticed but cats are everywhere! Big cats, little cats – they are the new spirit animal of this here Brooklyn life. It’s because they are the coolest – even cooler than hipsters. It’s nothing new; Ancient Egyptians sweat the shit out of cats, too.

16th Century Cat Art

Maybe we idolize them because we know if they had a choice they wouldn’t participate in our fur ball schemes. Did you see this? 500 Years ago cats were depicted wearing futuristic jetpacks in old drawings. I know my cat would NOT like a jetpack, or a tiara.

Artwork by Scott Chasse

What about beards?

Tomorrow night (3/12) as part of Scott Chasse’s OMG Webcats art show opening at Dandelion Wine, cats are taking the shape of siamese beardos.

Another glorious cat events around town worthy of your attention (even though your cat would definitely be like, “no thanks loser – I’d rather stay home and puke on your computer cables “) – is Brooklyn Craft Company’s “Cat Lady Craft Night” on 4/5.


We chatted with Brett Bara of Bk Craft Co. about why cats are just too cool for school and everything else.

GP: How did you come up with this amazing idea?
Brett: It kind of seems like cats have become the new owls — they’re all over the place, from Etsy to clothing brands. And SO many of the ladies who attend Brooklyn Craft Company classes are loud-and-proud cat ladies (myself included), so I had a feeling that combining a crafting event with a catlady theme would be a hit! And basically I just wanted an excuse to look at cats online all day. IT’S RESEARCH.

GP: Do you have a feline friend who inspired the event?
Brett Bara: I certainly do! Fifi is my muse for everything in life — I’ve basically decorated my entire apartment to match her, and she has inspired many craft projects. 

GP: Why do cats rule when crafting?
Brett Bara: Well, they’re awesome, and super cute, and if you’re obsessed with your cat, how could you not be inspired to make craft projects in its likeness? Also, cats love crafters — they love to get all up in your yarn basket and whatnot. Cat-crafter love is an ancient tradition!

You aren't the ONLY crazy cat lady!

Catlady Craft Night is a Saturday night event that’s all about awesome cat-themed craft projects plus music, snacks, drinks, and the sparkling company of your fellow catladies. Join Brooklyn Craft Company on 4/15/13 to make over 8 cat crafts, from cat-themed jewelry to papercut to collage to purrr-sonalized mugs. Plus all kinds of extra fun stuff like a cat-themed photobooth, cat party favors, and cat videos projected on the walls. There will also be a raffle to benefit local cat rescue! Advance registration is required.

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