Escorting your sweetie to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is a genius Valentine’s date and here is why… First show your lover what a VIP he or she is with the Valentine’s Day SuperPass so you can skip the line in style! (Seriously no one wants to wait in line on a date…)

Once inside the line-up tonight is awesome with Team Spirit / The Liza Colby Sound / Hard Nips / Blue & Gold / Lowell & DJ Pegasus Warning.

You won’t need to do dinner beforehand because there are  plenty of delicious vendors there to help you stuff your foodie face.

Take advantage of Pok Pok – chicken wings worth the trek to Cobble Hill, but even tastier when they are right here in Greenpoint!


Or eat a Crif Dog “Lady and The Tramp” style.

Subtexture's "Street Shadows"

Make sure to show your main squeeze how sophisticated you are by taking some time to appreciate the artwork on display, with a “Street Shadows” mural by Greenpoint’s very own Subtexture.

Now for the best part: if you forgot (and you know who you are) to get your date a gift, follow these instructions very carefully.

Crif Dogs!

Grab some finger food and browse all the local vendors together.  When you see your lover’s eyes light up on some cool handmade item, make a mental note then keep it moving.

Once you are far enough away say, “Honey, I need to go to the bathroom, meet me by the ping pong table, okay?”

Get that gift wrapped and the rest of the evening’s unwrapping is on you…

For the dude in your life, these watches from Throne Watch Company are super slick, plus Bush Smarts has important camping gear with your survival in mind, like hip flasks for the boozy outdoorsy types.

Bush Smarts

For the ladies you cannot go wrong with a pair of arrow stud earrings from We See Stars.

Now score some points with that Valentine’s Day Super Passbecause nothing says I love you more than skipping the line, followed by great music, art, food, games and local shopping.

Sponsored post courtesy of Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

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