Wendy's Bar - 123 Greenpoint Ave - Closed

Walking down Greenpoint Ave. I noted that Wendy’s Bar (123 Greenpoint Ave) was being gutted, all its contents into a dumpster. I couldn’t get any information on what was going on or what will open up there next. This thread on Chowhound from October 2013 laments its closing and discusses impending “homogeny” in the area as other Polish joints close. 

Interior of Wendy's Bar - Gutted

If you have any insight on what may become of Wendy’s – let us know. Otherwise we will keep our eyes on it and ask around more.

Have you ever been in Wendy’s? Sad to see it go? What would you like to see in it’s place?

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  1. I believe the same owner intends to turn it into a restaurant, at least that’s what I understand from a petition sent around the block from a week ago or so ago.

  2. Wendy was my landlord for years. She owns a bunch of properties in the point as well as a shipping company in New Jersey and this bar (among other business ventures). She’s not lacking for the cash, but she was always after more money so she most likely is building something here or sold this place for the cash. She used to bartend here for fun really.

  3. We just moved to Brooklyn in June and we’ve been to Greenpoint only once, but we went for the Polish experience. Wendy’s was the only bar we went into because it wasn’t full of hipster d-bags. Sad to hear it’s gone.

  4. I actually live in the building next door. Last week, my super knocked on my door asking me to sign a petition for Wendy, who is tired of catering to the drunks that hang out there and wants to convert the place to a restaurant with seating in a garden out back. She needs neighbors to OK it so she can get the permits, it seems.

    Walking past Wendy’s every evening, as I do, I can’t say that this isn’t an improvement. Sure, the place has been here a while, but even my Polish super said that he doesn’t like the surly drunks that hang out front of the place chain smoking all the time, especially when he’s with his two young daughters. I can’t say I blame him. Wendy herself wants to make this into a nicer place, and I support her in her endeavor.

    Of course, maybe I was duped and it wasn’t for Wendy after all. Who knows, but in the four years I’ve lived here, my super has given me no reason not to take him at his word.

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