Mother's Veggie Burger

While Mother’s (347 Graham Ave) is technically NOT in Greenpoint – it is the veggie burger that inspired the new Greenpoint Veggie Burger Diaries series, in which I review all the veggie burgers in the neighborhood. This series will include all veggie burger options, like portobello mushroom and bean burgers.

As a newly converted vegetarian, I love a good burger and my recent carnivore flavor palette hardly accepts “fake meat” as a substitute. That being said I can remember countless evenings of insomnia after eating a huge burger while my digestive system suffered processing all the fat.

Before I was a vegetarian I used to get the veggie burger from Mother’s – topped with bacon – partly to piss off a bossy vegan friend, but mostly because it was so delicious and never left me feeling the way meat burgers make me feel.

I’d be surprised if the veggie burger at Mother’s isn’t a regular boca burger, but it’s the fixins: red onions, crunchy pickles, optional cheddar cheese, the perfect sesame seed bun, chipotle mayo and the most delicious shoe string (or sweet potato) fries that keep me coming back.

Plus it’s a good deal at $7. Add-ons are: Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack Or American $1; Bacon, Fried Free Range Egg, Hand Cut Fries (Regular Or Sweet Potato) Or Small Green Salad $2; Basket Of Fries $3.


They have great beer on tap, including my new favorite Bronx Pale Ale, and it’s the perfect spot for an easy and cheap after-work meal.

What do you think of the veggie burger at Mother’s?

Where is the best place in Greenpoint (or very closeby) to get a veggie burger?

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  1. Can’t wait to try the Mother’s veggie burger now… I live so close, I’m surprised I have never eaten there. Though I have yet to sample their veggie burger, Champ’s in Williamsburg on Leonard and Ainslie is a phenomenal vegan diner. Tons and tons of options. I highly recommend the Chik’n Pesto sandwich.

  2. With so many food options in Greenpoint, and so many blogs…cant the one blog focused on our neighborhood focus on our neighborhood? Do you really need to promote Williamsburg businesses? Honestly, I dont mean to be snarky — but this place is 30 minutes walk from where i live (in Greenpoint) — just dont think you should be promoting it here. I come to Greenpointers for a fun look at my neighborhood, not someone else’s.

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for writing. The veggie burger diaries going forward will focus on GP proper, but since this is like the first veggie burger I ever actually like and inspired the series, I wanted to include it. That being said, while if we all had it our own way, we would all never leave the great wall of Greenpoint 😉 – at least I never would, but our readers do live just outside and visitors do come here, so while 99% of our content focuses on Greenpoint, we will from time to time feature businesses very close-by. It did not come across as snarky, I appreciate ALL productive criticism and feedback. Next week I am featuring Habitat’s Portobello – so stay tuned and have a great Greenpoint weekend! Lot’s going on!

        1. I LIVE IN RIDGEWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
          And it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I WORK IN GREENPOINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s awesome, too!
          Not a big secret Sherlock.

    2. While I do agree with Bob, these Mother’s burgers are worth a 30 minute walk. I frequent this joint at least once a week. I haven’t found a better burger nearby and the sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo sauce are seriously phenomenal. Plus, it’s never over-crowded, the beer selection rocks, and the patio in back is perfect. Go here!

      1. Although not technically a “veggie burger”, if you do the make-your-own option at No.7, get the General Tso’s seitan with jalapeños, pickles and onions. It’s enjoyable.

  3. just fyi, the veggie burger at matchless is dr praeger’s. they actually make the veggie burgers at no 7. the contest should require that they’re made in house! bk label has a pretty solid homemade black bean veggie burger but lots of complaints that it often ends up burnt.

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