With the summer months ahead and significant increase in pedestrian traffic to and from the East River Ferry and Transmitter Park, many Greenpointers are complaining that the Greenpoint Waterfront is filthy. They want the city to put more garbage cans in pedestrian areas and clean up more thoroughly and more often. The Change.org campaign reads:

The streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn are disgusting, smeared with dog feces and full of garbage.  THERE ARE NO GARBAGE CANS in the area.  There does not seem to be regular street cleaning despite the street cleaning signs that indicate street cleaning times.

With the growth of the residential developments, businesses moving in (Kickstarter), the East River Ferry nearby and the opening of Transmitter Park, the neighborhood has experienced a significant increase in pedestrian traffic.

Over the past year, residents in our neighborhood have submitted multiple online requests for garbage cans via the Department of Sanitation’s website to no avail.  Despite numerous requests by residents, the Department of Sanitation has simply ignored these requests and nothing has been done to rectify the situation.

All individuals signing below are petitioning the NYC Department of Sanitation to provide public garbage cans at all intersections of West Street between Greenpoint Ave and India Street as well as Franklin Street intersections between Greenpoint Ave and India Street.  Additionally, the NYC Department of Sanitation should regularly dispose of the garbage in the public garbage cans and provide regular street cleaning to all named streets and surrounding areas.


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  1. I second Gina. Manhattan Ave is much more of a dystopian shitscape compared to Franklin — whirling litter tornadoes and all. It’s like Michael Bay set of whooshing papers, bottles and plastic wrappers. Clearly Greenpointers themselves are to fault, but people are sheep in need of shepherding. Adequate receptacles (enclosed, yes!) and regular cleaning would put us past the threshold for decent behavior on the part of residents and businesses alike.

  2. I think it is deplorable that the streets of Greenpoint are so filthy. In addition to more garbage cans, local businesses and residents should just take the time to clean up in front of their own places. Dog owners should also be cleaning up after their pets. Greenpoint is such a lovely neighborhood. I think we all need to pitch in and keep it that way!

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