Greenpointers is excited to announce a monthly dining event for 2013. Every first Sunday we will host a casual Sunday Supper at a different Greenpoint location with a new chef each month.

Think of it as a unique homemade meal in your favorite bar (or other unexpected location.)

The meal will include an appetizer, main, dessert and special cocktail for $35.

Our first dining event will take place on Little Christmas, Sunday, January 6th, 2013 from 7-9pm at Beloved (674 Manhattan Ave) with a TBA chef.

Reserve your supper now and join our mailing list for updates. (Space is limited.)

Little Christmas is also known as the Feast of the Epiphany, when the wise men visited the baby Jesus and presented him with gifts. In my family on Little Christmas we do  what we do on all holidays, stuff our faces with food.

As such we are making a call for local chefs, home cooks and food makers of all kinds. (No culinary school required.) This is a great chance to show off your cooking talent, share family traditions, make people happy and promote your own supper club, food blog, product or future restaurant. You will be paid and given a food budget. Email greenpointers (at) and tell us a little about yourself.

If you are a venue interested in hosting, please email greenpointers (at)

I made a Sicilian Rice Ball Supper for a similar weekly dining series that took place at Veronica People’s Club. It was a great night and I am hoping to recreate the same fun and delicious vibe.

Happy Eating!

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