When it comes to food, I gravitate towards the simple and familiar. Hand me a bowl of rice and a side of kimchi and it’s a happy belly. I can be that Korean.  But when an invitation to the inaugural Electric Gourmet Supper Club promised “high vibrational, local, living food prepared with love,” I was all too ready to step outside my comfort zone and broaden my gustatory map.  Four courses of living food that vibrates with love?  Let’s dance.
It’s as if Kerry Jones, a former personal chef to the Hamptons crowd, opened her doors and found a place for you at her table, offering “clean and righteous” food — all the pleasures of new, indulgent flavors without the post-meal, Boy-I-need-to-detox regret.  Plus, there’s a strong emphasis on the use of local ingredients and vendors.

First off, Kerry whetted our appetite with the amuse bouche, a smoothie blend of ingredients indiscernible at first sip — dates, lime, coconut milk and avocado with local raw cashew milk made by Fresh Til Death.  Next, a flavorful kale salad topped with a smattering of toasted almonds and dried cranberries.  The standout was the savory scratch bean and grain burger with a side of  roasted root vegetables during the third course.  It was less burger – more samosa, a healthier version sans ghee.

Outside the kitchen and in between meals, John Wesley, Kerry’s right-hand man, made sure everyone’s wine glasses were filled.  The wines, reds and whites, were sponsored by Flip Flop Wines.

Although the night’s dishes were all vegan, gluten-free and night-shade free, subsequent dinners will have different themes and not necessarily be served in four courses.

The venue, like the menu, will change.  The first of the many Electric Gourmet Supper Club dinners to come was held at the Ran Tea House.  The space seemed to have zen-like influence over the food and the arrangement of the crowd. I’d recommend one come to these suppers with an empty stomach, a curious mind and, just in case, a companion.


Stay tuned for the next Electric Gourmet Supper Club event.  Kerry also runs the local shop One Well.  Stop by and take a look-see!


photos & review by erin

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