Recipes Gone Wild: Lucky Luna’s Kimchee + Nori Bloody Mary

Last Sunday, the weather was so gorgeous, and for the first time in months I wasn’t daunted by the thought of leaving a roughly one-block radius. Jen G and I were both up for trying something new, and decided on brunch at Lucky Luna, by McGolrick Park. Continue reading

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Meet the Baristas at Cafe Edna! #OSOM


Cafe Edna Royal Scramble

At Cafe Edna, an #OSOM coffee shop on Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, the baristas rule! If you live on “the other side of McGuinness” not only will you get great coffee and bites here, but in my personal experience the service is always lovely.

In this post we get to know a few of the baristas and some of Cafe Edna’s delicious food options.  Continue reading

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Coquito – That Funny Feeling Christmas Drink Popular Among the Puerto Ricans

Coqui Frog Native to Puerto Rico

When I was a kid my Titi Pat, whom my Dad called “the Irish woman,” (her real name was Patria) would drop off a big bottle of Coquito during Christmas. My parents don’t know it but I took swigs of the stuff. It was like coconut vanilla ice cream and made me feel so – funny.


Coquito is Puerto Rican, coconut flavored, rum laced eggnog. It is creamy, tropical and still promises that happy rum feeling.

It takes about 10 minutes to make and it’s the perfect drink to bring to any holiday party – especially when it’s presented in a mason jar with sharpie scribbled on it. Thats the good stuff, your alcoholic friends will think. Warn the fearful ones, it’s just rum but take small sips.  Continue reading

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Greenpoint Community Cookbook

Ingredients for a Community Cookbook:
1. An awesome neighborhood (i.e. Greenpoint)
2. A variety of fun and delicious recipes — be them Italian, Polish, Nigerian, Israeli, Korean, Colombian, Japanese…the more the merrier!
3. Cooks that would like to share their favorite recipes with their neighbors

Greenpointers is compiling a community cookbook and — friends, neighbors, home cooks — we need your recipes! Send them in to us by January 1, 2014 through this easy form. The book will be available to purchase by late spring 2014. More info to come as the date draws nearer.

Continue reading

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Achilles Heel – Surviving its Youth

Achilles Heel (180 West St) is near everything and nothing all at once.  Anchored by the East River and bolstered by Manhattan Avenue, this coffee shop and bar plays with the duality of identities at the intersection of West St and Green St.  The fair-weathered hanging sign outside makes you feel like you’ve entered a 19th century saloon where a good time is about to be had.  But you soon realize that you’ve walked into a part of Brooklyn so off the development map, that there isn’t a condo or high-rise in sight – for now.  You’re in the unmapped territory of cool and undiscovered.

The faraway land of West and India St.

Sadly, the uncharted location is one of the reasons the cafe will no longer be serving coffee as of Monday, August 19th.

On my impromptu visit, I was charmed by the option to take a window seat on a low lying stool, grab an L-shaped wooden bench at a centered table, or hideaway in a recessed nook and revel in pleasant solitude. Continue reading

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Cafe Edna Opens in Cafe Royal’s Place Tomorrow (Sat. 6/21)

Carolina Ro, of Ro Chalk & Calligraphy, designed the menu for Cafe Edna.

What’s in a name? Cafe Royal (195 Nassau Ave) was shutdown and in its’ place the owners of the building, who for reasons unknown want to remain anonymous, reopen the doors tomorrow June 21st, with a new name: Cafe Edna.

What do you think about the name change?

I chatted with manager Samantha Sharifi, one of Greenpoint’s loveliest baristas to find out what this change means for “the other side” of Greenpoint.

While you may have dug the old name and the golden rooster logo, there might have been other complaints that have been remedied by the new owners, like spotty wifi and the uncomfortable school room chairs. They overhauled the furnitures, hooked up Fios, so the internet is “10,000 times faster,” according to Samantha, plus you can print out your short stories or resumes on their wireless $0.10/copy printer and add your favorite songs to their ipod.

The same great staff with a few new hires are all on board including the beloved head chef Juan Paredes, who will still make you a delicious breakfast scramble or my favorite: the egg burrito. Plus there is an additional chicken burrito on the lunch menu and many old and new vegan and gluten free options.

Even more exciting, soon they will be rolling out a full dinner menu along with beer and wine with old favorites like the quinoa plate, vegan lasagna, the gluten-free pasta and more to come. Will you dine at Cafe Edna?

Let’s talk coffee. Samantha said they are now serving Toby’s Estate on a brand spanking new expresso machine and she will personally pull you the “perfect shot.” It better be short, girl!

Samantha is also putting together a Greenpoint artist group show, so keep your ears peeled for that.

Where have you been getting you daily caffeine dose since Royal closed and what do you think about the new name?

Cafe Edna will open tomorrow at 11am-4pm for a soft opening, then be open from 7am-6pm until they open for dinner.

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Brunching for a Cause: Brunchtacular!

© Yana Guilbuena

In Brooklyn, when we brunch we brunch HARD.  But, to brunch AND be philanthropic all at the same time?  Last Saturday Rally Downtown hosted Brunchtacular:  the mother of all brunches, in which a portion of the proceeds benefit The Lamp and Greenpoint Reformed Church Food Pantry.

The event was hosted at T.B.D., the largest beer garden in Greenpoint, featuring local restaurants:  AnellaAction BurgerCafecito BogotaOvenlyThe Bagel StoreMabels SmokehouseSelamat Pagi, and Brooklyn Label.    And get this: it was a three-hour, all-you-can-eat brunch, with bottomless mimosas.

Ovenly's Apricot Thyme Scone-wich © Josh Webb
Selamat Pagi's Beef Rendang © Josh Webb

In the midst of the brunch-madness, I was able to be chat with founder, Tom Gray and grab the inside scoop on Brunchtacular:

Greenpointers:  What was the impetus of “Brunchtacular” ?

Tom:  We thought it was a unique way to highlight local businesses, while supporting some great nonprofits organizations that serve Greenpoint and the rest of Brooklyn. Continue reading

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Review: Lambrusco Night at Milk and Roses (Saturdays)

This article made possible by a donation to our Writer’s Fund Raffle by Word Brooklyn.
Milk and Roses has always been to me the charmingly quaint little cafe situated on the end of Manhattan Avenue, the part I should explore more often.

After dark it turns discreetly into a pleasant wine bar.

Recently, the lure of both a new menu and a Saturday night Lambrusco Special gave me cause for a visit.

The deal: Buy two glasses of Lambrusco, get one free. 

Accompanied by a writer friend, we were struck by the romantic atmosphere immediately upon stepping through the door. Low lighting, candles, exposed wood and bookshelves, like WORD with a speakeasy in the basement.

It’s not the best atmosphere for a platonic business discussion, but on vibe alone it’s instantly a great date spot.

Continue reading

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V-Day Market So On! Tomorrow (2/9)

A walk in the snow is a beautiful thing.

Make sure to join us tomorrow Saturday February 9th from noon-6pm at From The Source (69 West St) for an amazing day of local shopping, delicious food and drink, fun activities and LOVE! More info…

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5 Best Vegan Meals in Greenpoint

* This post made possible by a donation to our Writer’s Fund from Greenpoint Veterinary Hospital.

Don’t be fooled by the scary vegan word, because food is food and we all love eating. Especially at a restaurant when someone else is doing the cooking. Being a health-conscious vegan eater with a boyfriend who will eat anything, going out and grubbing out is something we DO. I’ve gathered together the best vegan meals in Greenpoint; even though there are definitely more than just five.

1. Paulie Gee’s (60 Greenpoint Ave)
With a separate vegan menu, and one cozy dining space, you are sure to enjoy one of the most delicious pizza joints in all of New York City. Five white pies and a red pie with tons of toppings start at $10 and go up to $18. They even have homemade vegan sausage! I have to say the “Vegan Greenpointer” with the lemon juice is my personal favorite. Lemon on everything!

2. Spritzenhaus (33.33 Nassau Ave)
You can’t miss this giant beer garden featuring tons of beers on tap and a list of German bratwursts. The most unsuspecting thing on the menu is a vegan brat! A specialty locally sourced vegan brat with apple wood sage and a balsamic reduction on a pretzel bun topped with a heavy helping of peppers and onions, this brat will blow your mind, for only $11. In fact, my meat guru boyfriend prefers this vegan brat to some of the more game-y ones. Don’t forget to get a side of the Belgian fries and try the surplus of mustards they offer.

3. Greenpoint Heights (278 Nassau Ave)
The most talked about new hangout in “this side” of Greenpoint, you all know how awesome Greenpoint Heights is. The chill, unpretentious vibes, matched with the incredible food and drinks, this spot is my jam. Elizabeth is one amazing chef, concocting some serious tacos. The vegan options include a sweet plantain taco and a black bean taco. Mango salsa, guacamole, and fried shallots are a few of the yummy toppings. Other favorites include the banging chips & guac as well as the kale salad (without the cheese of course.) Tacos are $4 each but $3 on Thursdays!

4. Café Royal (195 Nassau Ave)
A coffee shop by day, and a gourmet kitchen by night! One vegan special this café features for dinner is the quinoa plate. Quinoa with sautéed tofu, kale, corn, and roasted tomatoes and pine nuts, topped with some pesto. This healthy dish is a hearty helping that includes a side salad and toast for only 11 bucks. It is one of those dishes that is so good (and easy) that when you try to do it yourself, you can’t even come close. Chef Juan is the master of this bad boy.

Cafe Royal, Greenpoint Brooklyn

5. No Name Bar (597 Manhattan Ave)
No name, no website, no press. But, I couldn’t refuse. This hidden spot in the middle of everything is also featuring a secret Thai kitchen with a badass woman chef. The sprawling backyard is where the kitchen is tucked away and it features a couple vegan options. One is the homemade veggie dumpling noodle soup with bok choi for $9. Spruce that baby up with some chili paste, and this big serving of hot soup with scrumptious dumplings is the perfect soup for a cold day.

No Name Bar, Thai. Greenpoint Brooklyn

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