Locals can now enjoy la dolce vita… or at least more vino… in Williamsburg. Please Tell Me (749 Metropolitan Avenue) is debuting an Italian-inspired wine window tonight.

Please Tell Me is a minority-owned and operated bar inspired by classic Japanese listening rooms. Owners and Williamsburg neighbors, Austin Woolridge and Eric Griego, opened the venue this past fall and host weekly “Winyl” parties that include vinyl albums and discounted glasses of wine.

Customers enjoying wine at Please Tell Me. Photo: Arielle Shannon

On Wednesday, April 10, during the Please Tell Me’s Winyl Wednesday, Woolridge and Griego are unveiling the bar’s new wine window which pays homage to the Buchette del vino of Florence, Italy.

The wine window will be open on Wednesday nights from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays during brunch (if the weather permits). Customers can order and receive wine through the window, and then enjoy the wine on Please Tell Me’s patio or take it to go.

The wine window will introduce interesting wines from all over the world, courtesy of Zev Rovine Selects. Think Merlots from Mexico, Syrahs from Japan and white wine from Slovenia. Canned beers to go will also be available at the wine window. 

Sandwiches and other menu items from Chef Song. Photo: Eva Woolridge

Because takeout alcohol requires food per New York State law, Executive Chef Jacob Kiely Song will offer mini sandwich options, adding another Italian twist to the window as Chef Song’s menu draws inspiration from his Italian and Korean heritage.

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