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Dirck The Norseman: Brooklyn’s First Brew Pub Officially Open!

Dirck_the_NorsemanSplendid news for beer lovers! Since last week your local beer drinking options just got a whole lot bigger: by 6,000 sq ft!

Yes, Friday night saw the long-awaited official opening of Dirck the Norseman (7 N 15th Street), a huge beer hall and brew pub run by Brouwerij Lane‘s Ed Raven and his team of brew experts. Continue reading

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French Brewery Party Tonight (10/24) & Harvest Party Saturday (10/26) at Brouwerij Lane


Greenpoint’s freshest beer store, Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Ave), has a couple very exciting events happening beginning tonight and continuing this Saturday (10/26). Along with cold, crisp autumn days are freshly brewed wet hop harvest and pumpkin ales! All day Saturday, Oktober 26th, beginning at Noon, Brouwerij Lane will feature plenty of seasonally delicious beers, seasonal food and fun! There’s nothing better on a crisp autumn day than freshly brewed pumpkin ale, except when the ale is tapped from the cask and poured from an actual pumpkin!

And tonight Thursday 10/24) from 6-10pm, Brouwerij Lane will be ushering in a new era of modern French breweries with Pays Flamand.   Brewer Mathieu Lesenne will be here to share with you his wonderful beers such as the hoppy blonde Anosteké as well as his collaboration with Norway’s Nøgne Ø titled Prototype Juniper Porter. Just to sweeten the deal we’ll be pouring the Nøgne collaboration with French Brewery Page 24 a Rubarb IPA as well as  a keg of French Canadian brewery Trou Du Diable Dubai Pillée double IPA.  To compliment your sipping, we’ll be accompanied by French jams from DJ Bocky.  It’ll be a blast!

Sponsored Post courtesy of Brouwerij Lane.

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“Blue Gas Flames And Birds Twirling” A Chat With Ed Raven On Dirck The Norseman and Grain Terminal Brewery

Ed Raven, of Raven Importing Company and owner of Brouwerij Lane, promised that the new brewery he is opening called Grain Terminal, along with a bar/restaurant called Dirck The Norseman will be – “the most awesome sunset beer drinking spot in Brooklyn.”

Sounds great right? When I visited the huge warehouse space on No. 15th St and Franklin St. in Greenpoint, which has a view of the Manhattan skyline and Bushwick Inlet, my next question was when is it going to open? Continue reading

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‘Webcats’ Take Over Brouwerij Lane

OMG Webcats - Brouwerij Lane
A piece from OMG Webcats hanging at Brouwerij Lane.

About 30 or so young Greenpointers lazed around Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Ave) last Thursday, drinking free craft beer from plastic cups and, time to time, gazing at pictures of cats and meme-inspired captions scrawled on canvases.

Artist Scott Chasse, creator of “OMG Webcats,” casually bearded, wearing a loose, unbuttoned shirt, popped around the room. Is there a hidden message to these trite, pop-culture images that have been art-ified?

Chasse says it’s more about the craft than any hard-to-discern message. ”It’s not trying to make anyone think too hard. Yet it took a lot of thought into it to make it that way,” he said. Chasse, who lives and works in Greenpoint (he runs the Calico gallery at 67 West Street), aims to create images that impress without challenging.

“I don’t want anybody to feel as though it’s inaccessible or that you can’t understand it,” he added. Continue reading

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Terrarium Class with Claire (Succulents Edition) @ Brouwerij Lane (8/4)

Join us as we attempt to “un-bro” Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Ave) on Sunday August 4, 2013 from 5-7pm with Terrarium Class Succulents Edition with Claire Typaldos.

Living in a small apartment with less than ideal lighting conditions make terrariums a gorgeous and fun way to green you space. Terrariums are very low-maintenance and our succulents terrariums will be even easier to maintain!

Claire’s terrariums classes are such a hit and sell out fast so reserve your terrarium ASAP!

$50 – includes all the supplies and plants you need to make a gorgeous terrarium, plus a free beer courtesy of Brouwerij Lane!

Reserve your terrarium. (Limit 15 students)

*classes are non-refundible

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World’s ‘Rarest Beer’ at Brouwerij Lane

A few years ago, a beer store quietly nestled into the space between the old Coco 66/68 and the corner delis.  Ever since, Brouwerij Lane has managed to bring to the neighborhood access to and love for those beers that even the best-stocked specialty stores have trouble finding.

This month, on December 12, they participated in a sale that put even their exceptional tap list to shame: the one-time-only release of what many consider to be the world’s best beer, the Trappist abbey Westvleteren’s XII.

Long story short, this stuff is usually only available by making the trek to the abbey in Belgium.  The monks needed a new roof for the abbey, and financed it with a one-time international sale of their already world-renowned beer.

Naturally, even before the beer was actually sold it was the subject of many a column-filling news piece.  I was lucky enough to run into Erik Olsen, of Brouwerij Lane, at the Greenpointers Holiday Market this year and place an advance order for a gift set.

He told me what the process was like to distribute one of the world’s rarest beers.

Erik was contacted by one of his distributors a few weeks prior to the December 12th sale date and offered the chance to distribute the beer.  Most interesting were the restrictions placed on the sale: although the beer could definitely have retailed for much more, distributors were prohibited from selling individual bottles and encouraged to only sell a single six-bottle gift set to each customer for $85.

While this might seem pricey, stores like Brouwerij Lane aren’t making a profit off this – they paid $82.50 for each box and were limited to between 16 and 80 gift sets.  Of the 20 they ended up buying, they had pre-orders for every one of those before they released them on the 12th.  That hasn’t stopped beer hunters from calling them non-stop about it – three calls just in the time it took to answer my questions.  This has also fostered a thriving resale market in flagrant violation of the monks’ wishes for the sale.  Sadly, none of the beer scalpers responded to my emails so I can’t say if people actually pay this much, but the asking price seems to be at least $400 for the set and as much as $1,000.

Even if you didn’t manage to get your paws on a Westy, Brouwerij Lane is a great spot to pick up bottles for your co-workers and a fresh pint for yourself.  Many consider the Westvleteren to be highly regarded more for its rarity than flavor, so there’s plenty of other Trappist beers on their shelves if you’d like to see what all the fuss was about.


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Brouwerij Lane: Gift Guide (Greenpointers Discount!)

We all have a friend who still only drinks PBR’s and this is the perfect time for an intervention, too many amazing winter brews to miss out on.

A gift certificate from Greenpoint’s beer heaven Brouwerij Lane, is the perfect solution.

Mention Greenpointers and get a $50 Gift Certificate for $40! 

With over a 150+ bottles and 19 Growler taps there is something for everyone, and exploring new awesome beers is such a fun gift!

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Will Star Photo Show Opens Tonight!

A Loaded Camera: Street Photography by Will Star
We are very proud of Will Star, talented photographer and contributor to Greenpointers, who will be showing a solo exhibition of his photographs of Greenpoint at Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Ave.) The show opens this evening at 7pm. Don’t miss it!

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Portraits at Brouwerij Lane

Hello Greenpoint.  I’m Will Star, local photographer, and one of the newest contributor to The Greenpointers.  I’ll be posting photography from the neighborhood regularly and building out some projects I’ve been working on for the past few years.  You can expect posed and candid street portraits regularly, interview projects, and snippets of Greenpoint life through my lens.  I like to use a variety of cameras and formats, shooting mostly film, but you might catch the occasional digital photo snuck in here too (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

This set of images feature the dudes who work at Brouwerij Lane (pronounced: Brow-er-ee Lane).  They all really know their stuff about the different types of beer they carry and can help you identify what you’re into.

Now, I like shooting here for three main reasons:

  1. The window light is fantastic.
  2. The people are cool (staff & patrons).
  3. They have beer.

And lastly, I have a photo of our fearless leader, Jen G, from the first day I met her.  One of my favorite portraits from this spot. (note: she does not work at Brouwerij Lane)

I hope you enjoy the photographs, and I look forward to contributing on a weekly basis.

You can see more of my street photography at:

Thank you!

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Meeting Tonight 7pm – Brouwerij Lane

Tonight contributors will meet at Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Ave) at 7pm. The meetings have been very successful, a great time to talk about the neighborhood, meet people and create original and exciting content for the website that matters to you. Join us tonight!

Hilary, new contributor, whose story is coming this week, mentions her work for Greenpointers on her website. Look out, Hilary is awesome!


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