Meet totes adorbs Brouwerij Lane pooch Walter, photo via Instagram

We love dogs and we love beer, and at Greenpoint’s coolest combination shop/beer bar Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Avenue), friendly visiting pooches have their own Instagram account! The shop has been around for almost 10 years, but the dog IG has only been up and running since last summer. Brouwerij Lane’s General Manager Kim Mercado says, “We have so many customers that bring their poochies in, including myself. I love dogs and just wanted to start the page to show those that love dogs and beer the awesome pups that come into the store every so often.”

And of course customers have loved the idea.  “We had someone recently come in and ask if their dog can get their photo taken and put on our page—pretty rad! They get treats and loads of attention as soon as they walk/strut into Brouwerij Lane. Our dogstomers are the best—now to start carrying doggy beers,” Kim says.

Check out more sweet snaps of the dogs of Brouwerij Lane below and follow them on Instagram.



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