Cat-Calling All Feline Friends: The Greenpoint Cat Club Meets Tomorrow!

stray catDo you want to help every stray cat you see? Does the sight of whiskers make you go “awww?” Well, you’re not alone! The Greenpoint Cat Club meets once a month at Archestratus (160 Huron Street) to discuss issues and solve problems on behalf of the feral cats of our ‘hood. You already know that many local residents try to help the outdoor kitties. Bowls of cat food are tucked away in corners all around our neighborhood waiting to feed the hungry masses. We’re a sympathetic bunch!

There are over 50,000 stray cats in New York and hundreds in Greenpoint, presumably subsisting on kielbasa scraps and other fallen Polish delicacies. One of the major problems facing our community is that when people move, they sometimes sadly leave their house cats behind to fend for themselves. This is cruel behavior, as domesticated cats are not equipped to care for themselves in the wild. The streets are very dangerous for feral cats, and the best you can do if you find yourself in the sad situation of having to give up an animal is to find them a new home. Muddy Paws (447 Graham Ave) pet store has adoption events every Sunday from 2pm-5pm and you can find someone there who will help you find the resources you need. Continue reading

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Assembly Passes Spay and Neuter Bill

© Clayton Hauck photography / claytonhauck.com

Oh, the life of a bodega cat – no shortage of mice to chase around or cardboard boxes to lounge in, lots of friendly neighbors to stop by and scratch you on the head and, of course, freedom to do as you please in or outdoors – including having lots of cute, furry babies!

While of course everyone loves a sweet, fluffy pile of kittens, we probably can all agree that spaying and neutering efforts are necessary, for our furry friends’ own sake. Happily, the Assembly has just passed a bill this June that will help fund an effort to curb New York City’s homeless animal population. Continue reading

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Cragels & Chutzpa–The Hook Up (1/21)

Don't dress to impress on Lee Ave, © Stefano Giovannini/VINNews.com

In case you didn’t notice the SNOW out there or the fact that at least one person you know posted a screenshot of the weather forecast on Instagram this morning, we are in the midst of an official Winter Storm. Consider yourselves warned in advance?

Hey, remember when the owner of Gwynnett Street got busted for trafficking molly from China? That was weird. After the incident, the restaurant closed temporarily to re-group and the head chef and much of the kitchen staff quit.  The space recently re-opened with a new name, chef (from Allswell) and menu. Lachlan, according to the team, is the result of the decision to “take our restaurant in a different direction,” but we all know that the real reason: Google. No one wants to find out that their dinner spot was a stop on the  drug ring. The good news? The menu is way more affordable. (Eater)  Continue reading

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Ways Greenpointers Can Help: Sandy Disaster Relief in North Brooklyn

The devastating aftermath of Sandy is here, but our community has a chance to become stronger as a result. The cleanup has hardly even begun. Here is a list of ways you can lend a helping hand to your friends and neighbors:

Volunteer / Donation Opportunities For Sandy Relief



• New York City Public Advocate’s Office is organizing volunteers in areas across the five boroughs. You can register to participate for a four-hour shift in North Brooklyn.

• City sponsored cleanup of McCarren Park will take place on Saturday, Nov 3rd. – REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED. Stay tuned for information about a McGolrick Park clean up.

• New York Blood Center was in need of blood even before the storm, but the storm has made the need greater. There will be a Blood Drive on Saturday (11/3) at Williamsburg Church (231 Ainslie Street) from 10-4pm.


• Brooklyn Kitchen (100 Frost St) is collecting donations of goods that people in the Rockaways need now and in the future.

  • Canned Goods
  • Nonperishable Food
  • Blankets
  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Socks
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Bowls
  • Utensils
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Brooms
  • Mops
  • Sponges
  • Garbage Bags
  • Water
  • Tarps

• Greenpoint Reformed Church
136 Milton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Contact: Rev. Jennifer Aull (718) 383-5941

• St. Cecilia’s Church
23 Monitor Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Contact: Mary Jane Del Vicario (718) 389-0010

• St. Stanislaus American Legion Post 1771
519 Leonard Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222

• House of Yes
342 Maujer st
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Contact: Kae Burke (585)217-7209

Good Co.
10 Hope Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Contact Sean Aiken (718) 281-7191

• 6 Leonard St, apt J1
Btwn Conselyea and Metropolitan
Contact: Jennifer (917) 586-4153 Continue reading

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Newtown Creek Armada, Coastal Clean-up, Capital to Capital Canoe Expedition: What’s New at Newtown Creek?

There’s a whole sludge of events at Greenpoint’s very own Superfund site, Newtown Creek.

State of the Planet, a blog from the Earth Institute at Columbia University, is reporting that the city effort to clean up the polluted waterway is having an unintended effect.

According to a new study the clean up process is releasing sewage bacteria and other particles into the air above the site. The study is one of the first to establish a link between water pollution and air-quality, raising new questions about the health risks posed by dirty water.

Newtown Creek is already a source of combined sewage run-off, and could become even worse due to rising sea levels due from climate change. The New York Times ran an article highlighting the seriousness of the issue this Monday.

Don’t jump off the Pulaski Bridge just yet, Greenpointers. The news at Newtown Creek is not all bad. Here are just a few of the many upcoming community events looking to make the most of revitalizing our waterfront. Continue reading

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Hands On New York Day

This Saturday you can volunteer to help get McGolrick Park ready for summer.

East Hanover REI — Hands on New York Day
Date: 4/16/2011
Event Location: McGolrick Park
Event Fee: Free
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (EDT)
Partner Organization: New York Cares
Group Size: 75

Description: Join REI, New York Cares and 5,000 volunteers to make New York City’s parks and gardens cleaner, greener, and ready for summer on Saturday, April 16. Hands On New York Day is an incredible day of service. Volunteers will rake and clean debris, plant, mulch, paint fences and benches, and more. It’s a great day out, and great way to make the Big Apple shine. REI will host a stewardship project in McGolrick park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

For more info and to register please visit the website here.

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Greenpoint Food Pantry Call for Volunteers and Food

Pastor Ann Kansfield and Greenpoint Reformed Church hosts a weekly food pantry and they need our help. Read below and donate your time and food for a healthier and well fed Greenpoint!

I wanted to update you about some things going on at the Food Pantry at the Greenpoint Reformed Church. We’ve seen an increasing number of people coming on Thursdays for emergency food. Last week we served over 350 people. I’m not great at statistics, but I think this represents about a 50% increase since January. As a result, we’ve had to make a few changes. The first is that we’ve added additional hours to the pantry (we’re now open from 1-5pm). We’ve also added a new shift for volunteers, which is on Wednesdays evenings from 6-9pm.

This new shift will allow volunteers to make up the bags of groceries the day before the pantry starts, which will help the pantry run more smoothly when it’s open. There are three things that you can do to help:

1. Please share information about the pantry with anyone you know who might be in need of food. Our doors are open to anyone. People do not have to provide proof of citizenship or need. They just need to come to 136 Milton St. on Thursdays from 1-5pm and they will receive food.

2. Please volunteer or if you can’t, please share information about our new Wednesday evening volunteer shift with people you know who might be interested in helping. More info about volunteering is available here.

3. Please donate. We are able to buy food from the Food Bank of NYC for 10-18 cents a pound. For example, a case of 12 cans of Progresso soup cost $3.06 (almost $.25 per can) and box of Cheerios cost $.27. We can accept donations via PayPal or through Facebook Causes.

If you are aware of surplus food that could be donated to the pantry, please email me or call. We just have to find a way to transport it. Because demand is so high, virtually every piece of food that comes to the is distributed that same week.

Thanks again for all you do to help make Greenpoint and Williamsburg more healthy and well fed. Keep up the good work!

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FEAST: Call for Proposals and Volunteers

Funding Emerging Arts with Sustainable Tactics (FEAST) is an ingenious project. It seamlessly combines the joys of art and food by hosting public dinners designed to raise money for artistic projects. It’s run by a group of individuals sharing a vortex of skills and is hosted by The Lutheran Church of the Messiah across the street from McGolrick Park.

Basically, you pay a sliding scale fee to enter, eat some amazing food prepared by Molly and David, and vote on a number of submitted proposals by artists working in a variety of creative disciplines. At the end of the evening the votes and monies are counted and the artist with the most votes receives the bag of cash. The proposal is to be realized by at the next FEAST event.
I attended the first FEAST dinner a few weeks back and had a blast helping out washing dishes and chopping garlic. I chatted and mingled with a few of about eighty guests that attended, ate some amazing soup and veggies and dessert made by Tracy of Sweet Tooth of the Tiger, freaked out in my indecisiveness in getting the vote in, drank some beer, and met some really awesome people.
The proposal with the most votes was submitted by Dan Funderburgh who plans to take the $700 plus that was raised to “beautify north Brooklyn with renegade wallpapering.” Watch out for mailboxes and garbage cans clad in ornate decorative patterns.

I was so proud to be involved in such a community-consciousness-raising endeavor and I know this is sprucing your appetite to be involved too. No matter if you’re a cook, an artist, or munching speculator, there is room for everyone to participate.

Submit your proposal ASAP as the deadline is this Saturday March 21st. Submission guidelines can be found here. FEAST is also looking for volunteers to help in all parts of the organization process, more info here.

The next event will be help Saturday April 4th at The Church of Messiah on 129 Russell Street, no rsvp required, no one turned away, make sure to bring all your friends and vote to show your support. I’ll be there with baked goods in tow and probably washing more dishes. More info on attending here.

You can join their facebook group here, listen to the wnyc coverage here, see pictures from the event here, and read my report on my blog here.

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