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In case you didn’t notice the SNOW out there or the fact that at least one person you know posted a screenshot of the weather forecast on Instagram this morning, we are in the midst of an official Winter Storm. Consider yourselves warned in advance?

Hey, remember when the owner of Gwynnett Street got busted for trafficking molly from China? That was weird. After the incident, the restaurant closed temporarily to re-group and the head chef and much of the kitchen staff quit.  The space recently re-opened with a new name, chef (from Allswell) and menu. Lachlan, according to the team, is the result of the decision to “take our restaurant in a different direction,” but we all know that the real reason: Google. No one wants to find out that their dinner spot was a stop on the  drug ring. The good news? The menu is way more affordable. (Eater) 

The Bowery Presents is planning to open a massive 2,000-capacity venue called Brooklyn Classic in a red brick factory (currently home to a steel fabricator) at 319 Frost St, making it the largest concert hall in Williamsburg.

Speaking of live music, Brooklyn Bowl just opened a venue in London, complete with  “Coney-Island themed” decorations. A third outpost is slated to open in Vegas. (Designweek UK)

North Brooklyn is also being represented in another foreign country– Utah, to be exact (which is like somewhere in Russia, right?), at Sundance this year, with the premiere of “Obvious Child,” starring Jenny Slate, and “Song One,” starring Anne Hathaway and set against the backdrop of the Brooklyn music scene. Both films were shot in Williamsburg.


In recent crime news, investigators say that they have found the van believed to have been used in the murder of Williamsburg landlord, Menachem Stark. Mayor de Blasio vowed to get to the bottom of the case. (Gothamist)

Speaking of Hassids, the Human Rights Commission settled a case with religious business owners along Lee Avenue in South Williamsburg, over window signs that asked customers to dress modestly before coming inside, forbidding “low-cut shirts” and other slut-wear. The city argued that this constituted gender and religious discrimination.  The Orthodox community responded by calling the potential fines for these signs “an audacity and a chutzpah,” reminding us of how often older Jews use the word “chutzpah.” (Daily News)

Is one of your New Years’ Resolutions to be a good person instead of a selfish a**hole? Check out this run-down of North Brooklyn volunteer options.  (DNA Info)

AND in the week’s most important news, have you tried the CRAGEL yet? It’s the new ridiculous food trend to grace the internet in 2014. People are actually still waiting over 2 hours for Cronuts, btw. Just don’t confuse it with Kegel, as Entertainment Weekly so wisely advises. Or if not, you could try the O.G. fusion food, the Craisin, which really deserves a lot more press attention.


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