There’s a whole sludge of events at Greenpoint’s very own Superfund site, Newtown Creek.

State of the Planet, a blog from the Earth Institute at Columbia University, is reporting that the city effort to clean up the polluted waterway is having an unintended effect.

According to a new study the clean up process is releasing sewage bacteria and other particles into the air above the site. The study is one of the first to establish a link between water pollution and air-quality, raising new questions about the health risks posed by dirty water.

Newtown Creek is already a source of combined sewage run-off, and could become even worse due to rising sea levels due from climate change. The New York Times ran an article highlighting the seriousness of the issue this Monday.


Don’t jump off the Pulaski Bridge just yet, Greenpointers. The news at Newtown Creek is not all bad. Here are just a few of the many upcoming community events looking to make the most of revitalizing our waterfront.

Newtown Creek Armada

When and Where: The Armada embarks from the Newtown Creek Nature Walk and will be open weekends through the rest of September. (view map)

Cost: Free

Last weekend saw the kickoff of Newtown Creek Armada. A model boat pond documenting Newtown Creek, the Newtown Creek Armada is an art installation that invites the public to explore the contaminated New York City waterway.

Visitors to The Armada will pilot a fleet of artist-made, three-foot, remote-controlled boats along the surface of the Newtown Creek while documenting the hidden world of its waters using waterproof cameras and microphones in real-time.

The project creators say that the goal is to get folks to engage with a body of water that functions more like a landfill than a lagoon. The Armada got a great write up from You can also view a video from the pilot expedition.

International Coastal Cleanup of Newtown Ceek

When and Where: Saturday, Sept. 15 from 10am to 1pm. Meet up at 10am sharp at Vernon Blvd Street End (view map)

Cost: Free

The Newtown Creek Alliance (NCA) is participating in the Ocean Conservancy’s 2012 International Coastal Cleanup. Participants will pick up trash that endangers the health of the waterway, and count every item as well.

The found objects will provide a snapshot of what’s lurking in those muddy waters and help to inform lasting policy solutions.

What will you find in Newtown Creek? Maybe a Rat Monster?

Capital to Capital Canoe Expedition

When and Where: Sunday, Sept. 30 from 3pm to 7pm. North Brooklyn Boat Club, 49 Ash Street, Brooklyn, NY (view map)

Cost: Free

Join Riverkeeper and the North Brooklyn Boat Club for the arrival of the Capital to Capitol by Canoe expedition in NYC. A project of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, this 1800 kilometer paddle will travel on rivers, lakes, canals, harbors and bays from Ottawa to Washington D.C. in a 34 foot voyageur canoe.

Meet the Capital to Capitol crew, with the opportunity to paddle Newtown Creek in the expedition canoe from 3 to 5 pm. On-land presentations follow from 5 to 7 pm.

Learn More About The Newtown Creek and Get Involved

For a full list of Newtown Creek related events, up to date news or to volunteer, visit the Newtown Creek Alliance website.

You can learn more about Newtown Creek in this webisode from WNET Thirteen’s “The City Concealed”


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