Sensory Deprivation Spa, Vessel Floats, Opens in Greenpoint

The lobby at Greenpoint’s new sensory deprivation spa Vessel Floats.

Isolating may be the overarching theme of 2020, and a new local business wants to help neighbors relax alone. Vessel Floats (101 West St.) is a spa specializing in sensory deprivation, isolation tanks. Each tank contains 1.5 tons of heated saltwater, so humans can easily float on top of it. The goal is for floaters to be able to completely unwind, feeling weightless without any external distractions.

A regular floating practice is said to help decrease anxiety, depression, lower cortisol levels (stress hormone), improve sleep, and be therapeutic in several more ways.

Floaters at Vessel have the option of a traditional session, which is completely devoid of light and sound, or Vessel Floats’ more structured audio journeys, which include sound baths and guided meditations. Controls inside the tank allow floaters to adjust the soft lights in the soundproof tanks. The tanks are full rooms with seven and a half foot tall ceilings, unlike the floating pods popularized online. The water itself is less than a foot deep, and it’s also safe to doze off while you float in the 93.5 degree Farenheit pool.

After a 60-minute floating session, guests can shower off, unwind in Vessel’s 750-square-foot, socially-distanced lobby or enjoy the spa’s outdoor seating with a gratis selection of coffees, teas, and more. Parties of up to four people can simultaneously book floating sessions, so they can unwind together before and after the solo experiences. All spaces are currently disinfected for COVID-19 protocol. Continue reading

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Greenpoint’s Gorgeous Little Secret: The Karcher Salon & Spa

The Karcher - Greenpoint - Patio
The Karcher’s adorbs back patio.

From the outside, The Karcher is an unassuming, if not extremely charming-looking salon. But inside, past the hair parlor and through the back door the space opens up to a sunny back garden. Owner Nackie Karcher tells me she got married in the garden, and it’s clear why. The space, private and enclosed with climbing vines feels tucked away, a gorgeous little secret. And that’s exactly the vibe of The Karcher salon and spa itself. Continue reading

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Recipes Gone Wild: Awakening’s Spring Energy Smoothie


Feeling like a bit of a sloth this morning? Suffering perhaps from a case of the Mondays? I concur. It’s more than a little tough to feel energized knowing that you’ve got a solid work week ahead of you. Memories of leisurely bicycling, beers with buddies, ice cream in the park, strolling in the sunshine, and other weekend-ish whims linger as you fill up your “world’s best” (fill in title here) mug. No time for daydreaming now. Time now to focus, to work, to make the donuts. How can one muster the energy and positivity in a healthy way? Thanks to Karolina Gumpert of Awakening Café (on Manhattan Avenue), I’ve found a lovely way to get that healthy boost. A bit of background about Awakening if you haven’t popped into this little spa and café yet, they’ve got a wonderful fresh juice and smoothie bar as well as an extensive menu of wellness services such as craniosacral therapy, Reiki, sound therapy, and yoga. I recently ran into Karolina from the café, and she recommended this lovely recipe to me as an energizing way to start the day, so I whipped it up in the blender and gave it a go. Delicious and clean-tasting, this nutty, vegetal, sweet treat was supremely satiating as well. A nice, clean, and simple start to the week! Now, I beseech you. Go forth and blend! Continue reading

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Sweat Lodge on the Shore of the Newtown Creek via Urban Spa Organics

Sweatlodge on the Newtown Creek

Peter T, our health and wellness reporter, will be participating in this exclusive Greenpoint natural spa event he found on craiglist, and taking place on the banks of the Newtown Creek. It’s such a gem I am reposting it in its entirety:

Urban Organics™-The Survival Spa

Enjoy a total immersion health and wellness spa experience on the banks of the humble and gritty Newtown Creek, a narrow waterway separating Brooklyn from Queens, in New York City. Steeped in history and a century of environmental abuse the creek is a symbol of opportunity and a place for urban, nature enrichment. Come with us as we harvest the bounty that the placid shores of the Newtown creek yields. Learn how to reuse, recycle, and repurpose many of the things found along the way into useful, effective solutions for everyday health and wellness needs. Continue reading

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Do It Detox Deals at [email protected] : Greenpoint Gift Guide

The best gift you can give to a loved one or yourself is that good feeling of health, wellness AND pampering. [email protected] (31 Nassau Ave) has a lot of deals for Greenpointers readers.

The holidays can leave us all feeling exhausted and less than our best. These treatments promise to erase the effects of stress, shed toxins and get you right back into that holiday spirit. The hardest part will be choosing which one…

• Duet Detox (for 2) ONLY $99 (regularly $150) or Single Person ONLY $59 (regularly $85)
Burn up to 1000 calories in 30 minutes and remove unwanted toxins with ​a coconut oil body rub, aromatherapy, body wrap and 45 min infrared sauna. Continue reading

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Celebrate 3 Years in Mad Style at [email protected] Friday (10/18)


On Friday October 18th, 2013 from 8pm-midnight, [email protected] (31 Nassau Ave) proudly presents The MAD HATTER’S HOWLING MOON TEA PARTY!

MAD MEN & MAD WOMEN we cordially invite you to join us for a spectacular evening of costumed revelry, fitness feasting, healthy harvest eats, tonics, libations, live music & dancing under the Mad Full Moon! RSVP

OPEN HEALTH BAR: Enjoy Seasonal Bites, Fit Treats & Potluck Tastings served along with SPECIALTY COCKTAILS Mad Hatter’s Tea Toddy & Vampire’s Bloody Punch!

LIVE MUSICAL PERFORMANCES throughout the evening featuring:

THE SHAMANIC LUNATICS & special guest artists

DJ BENGEY will be spinning thrilling, spine-tingling, monster party anthems in the Ohm Room.

• Step into the TIME WARP with a Dance Lesson provided by ZUMBA MANNY


Express your most outlandish fashion muscle for a chance to win Guest and Sauna Passes. The wilder, the radder the better! Points for Style & Creativity!

Trick our palates with your yummiest, Healthy Halloween inspired dishes ala Mummy Meatloaf, Monster Mashed Cauliflower Witches Stew or Devilish Eggs.

Bring us your healthiest most creative and most ghoulishly delicious dishes. Be sure to leave out the icky processed fake food stuffs (anything in a boxed or canned)

PRIZE: Winners receive 1 month B.E.S.T. Membership (value $129), Cash Prize & recipe will be featured in our Fit Low Down Newsletter.

ALSO Raffle Prizes and special surprises throughout the night!

It will be a night of Magic and Mischief that you won’t want to miss 😉

ADMISSION: $15 or 2 for $25 / $7 with Potluck Dish

Potluck Rules:
– Your dish should offer no less than 10 Servings as guests will be voting for their most favorite dish.
– Food should be ready to serve room temperature.
– Provide any necessary serving utensils. We will provide paper plates & eating utensils.
– Participants please email your recipes with ingredients including allergy warnings no later than 10/15.

Sponsored Post courtesy of [email protected].

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Awakening Day Spa: Gift Guide

Awakening NY (607 Manhattan Ave) is an urban sanctuary in the heart of Greenpoint. They are an eco-green 7,000 sq.ft. Wellness Center and Healthy Cafe here to help people find their way to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Awakening Day Spa

5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas:

1. Aphrodite’s Aura Exfoliation & Moisturizing Glow (Organic Body Scrub & Steam Shower with essential oils and therapeutic lights) combined with a 60 Minute Signature Massage for $125 (value of $150)

2. Cleopatra or Odysseus’ Dream Bath (nourishing salts, massaging jets, and exotic oils) combined with a 60 minute Signature Massage for $99 (value of $120)

3. Five 60 Minute Signature Massages for $300 (Value of $400)

4. Purchase a 3 Month Sapphire Membership (includes unlimited classes) & receive a complimentary Dream Bath or Steam Shower each month (3 total) for $399 (value of $540)

5. Purchase a 1 Month Amethyst Membership (includes unlimited classes) combined with a 60 Minute Signature Massage for  $139 (value of $165)

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[email protected]: Gift Guide (Greenpointers Discount!)

We all know that it’s typical to pack on an additional 5lbs through the holidays; not to mention loading our bodies with tons of processed foods. Remove the guilt and the toxins and treat yourself or gift one our Detox treatments this holiday and burn up to 600 calories in one session.

Mention ‘GREENPOINTERS’ and take 20% off the package below

Get the Funk Out – 30 min shiatsu massage followed by 45 min infrared sauna session
Shrink Me in a Hurry! – a body wrap with aromatherapy & 45-min infrared sauna session
Do It Detox – coconut oil body rub, body wrap w/aromatherapy &  45-min infrared sauna session
[email protected] offers all types of fitness & wellness programs, classes and more. All of our  YOGA classes are by donation and a portion goes to charity.

[email protected]
31 Nassau Ave Greenpoint Brooklyn (btwn Guernsey & Dobbin)

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Awakening NY: Bringing the New Wave to the Old School

Greenpointers was invited for a tour and to taste the healthy offerings at the cafe at Awakening NY, the new yoga complex on Manhattan Ave between Driggs and Nassau.

The tour of the space, led by owner Mariola, was impressive. The two floor yoga studio was vast. The first floor with it’s cafe, massage room and large yoga studio is finished.

There we met her son Max, who quite cleverly stacked the yoga mats to make a perfectly relaxing reading perch for himself. Why can’t all young men be as polite and friendly as Max? Continue reading

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Nails Did: Black Pearl

Huevos RancherosAfter a delicious Cinco De Mayo brunch at Papacitos, with some stand-out huevos rancheros and a spicy Bloody Maria, I headed over to Ria Nailz, with my new friend who is visiting from Japan. Ria is renowned for her amazing nail art, which would cost up to $100 in Japan. Ria is a popular lady and she was booked solid, not surprising on a Saturday, but she was a total sweetheart about it.

Just got dissed at Ria Nailz - no time for GreenpointersJokingly I put this photo on the Tumblr and said, “dissed by Ria, she’s too busy for Greenpointers.” I was only kidding! Ria didn’t think it was very funny and wrote a perturbed response on her website that said: “I am no tumblr gangster nor do I want to start trouble in any way but greenpoint is MY home I’ve lived here since I was 2yrs old and for a greenpointer to say I dissed them and I have no time for greenpointers is (excuse my language) fucked up … If the person that posted this felt dissed then I apologize but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t rude or a bitch about letting you know I was booked up.”
God I love Ria even more now! She has strong values and doesn’t take shit from anybody. A true Brooklyn badass. Why am I always running my mouth? Luckily, she gave me an appointment for this Saturday and I hope she can forgive me. I would hate to be banished from Ria’s forever!

Continue reading

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